Dugo Selo Dugo Selo The land of St. Martin

Autochthonous Products

The region of Dugo Selo offers high quality domestic produce. You can buy wine through the Association of vintners and winegrowers, natural honey through Apiarist Society “Maslačak”, while cottage cheese, cheese and sour cream you can buy from farmers. If you wish to buy original folk handicrafts, ethnographic artefacts or folk costumes you can call Krešimir Fotović of Dugo Selo, street J. Zorića 142, on (01) 2754-670.

Više informacija

TZG Dugog Sela
Josipa Zorića 1
10370 Dugo Selo,
Tel. +385 1 2780 281
www.tzds.hr, www.dugoselo.hr
POU Dugo Selo
Tel. +385 1 2774 131

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