Dugo Selo Dugo Selo The land of St. Martin

Church on Martin breg

Crkva sv. Martina na Martin Bregu datira od 1209. godine

Church of St. Martin on Martin Breg from 1209.

The most important first class cultural monument in this region is the church of St. Martin on Martin Breg from 1209. It was built in the Baroque-Gothic style. Today the church is in a ruined state but shall be revitalised as part of an ongoing reconstruction project. In front of the church you can see a wooden sculpture of St. Martin, work of the sculptor Josip Cikač. A small sized replica is sold as a unique souvenir of Dugo Selo. St. Martin is the patron saint of the parish, vineyards and winegrowers.

The Drašković mansion is situated in the Count Drašković Gardens. This estate included the area of today’s park with lush vegetation, castle (today you can only see the tower) and a hundred year old building of today’s Court. Ferenčak street is located in the town centre and can in a way be perceived as an ethno-village because it features several well preserved traditional wooden houses of the Posavina region that stand as witnesses of traditional Posavina architecture. A 1900 Neo-Gothic parish church of St. Martin the work of architect Bollé is another sight worth seeing in the town centre. Valuable is also the collection of folk costumes and ethnographic artefacts – several thousand exhibits – in the ownership of Krešimir Fotović.

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