Dugo Selo Dugo Selo The land of St. Martin

The land of St. Martin

Crkva sv. Martina, Dugo Selo

Church of St. Martin, Dugo Selo

The conferred royal charter of king Andrija II from 1209 mentions for the first time Terram sancti Martini (the Land of St. Martin). It is referred to as the land given to the Templars as a gift. These ancient historic documents talk about an estate and church of St. Martin (where today’s Martin Breg is) that existed as far back as the 12th century. In 1566 the names of Veliko Selo, Mala Sela, Sela are mentioned. The name Dugo Selo was recorded in the year 1622. The settlement was owned by feudal lords Tahi, Zrinski and other, and later on by the family Drašković.

Public school began to teach in 1853, and the first post office was opened in 1858. The first train passed through Dugo Selo in 1870 linking this region with the rest of the world. A new parish church was built in 1900, when the service was moved from Martin Breg to the centre of Dugo Selo. Voluntary Fire Brigade was established in 1893, and in 1907 Folk Choir was founded. This Choir is known today as the Cultural Club “Preporod”.

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