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Otok Ivanić

Oasis of untouched nature

When you exit the state highway Zagreb – Lipovac on the 27th kilometre you will find yourself in the oasis of untouched nature. A delightful landscape – Otok Ivanić (the Island of Ivanić) – covers the area of 380 square kilometres. In fertile valley, rich in water and scattered around gentle wine-growing slopes and hills of Moslavačka gora there are 56 settlements the biggest of which are Ivanić-Grad, Kloštar Ivanić and Križ. This is the border area of Moslavina’s western part. Some 28.000 people live in this region. The name Otok (Island) was given to the region way back in the past because the area is surrounded by three small rivers the Glogovnica, the Lonja and the Česma, and the Sava is nearby, too.

This is the northwestern border of Lonjsko polje, a world known nature park. Lonjsko polje is the home of many, unfortunately rare, wading birds among which a special place is reserved for the protected species of black and white stork, spoonbill heron, white and grey heron, and the protected great bittern and many other inhabitants of ponds, fields and forests. On the borders of Lonjsko polje there is a big forest called Žutica, home of beavers that were brought in from Germany.

The name

Otok Ivanić – Insula Ivanich – was first mentioned in 1093 in the letter of Croatian-Hungarian King Ladislav Sveti. Today Otok Ivanić attracts more and more tourists and visitors who take delight in its scenery and historic monuments. They can also try many home-cooked specialities and have a glass of excellent wine and then burn off calories hiking, cycling along the hilly roads of Moslavina, or they can just go mushroom picking. Those who’d rather fish or hunt shall not leave the place disappointed. There are many hunting grounds, covering the total area of 5000 hectares, with hunting lodges, with the possibility of overnight stay in some of them. The whole region has a huge potential for the development of rural tourism.

Picturesque villages

Apart from natural beauties, Otok Ivanić also discloses rich historic and cultural heritage. Almost each preserved chapel is the example of beautiful rural Baroque architecture. Very imaginative ornaments on the old wooden houses also catch the eye, while the attractions of the Posavina region architecture can fully be appreciated when you visit these picturesque villages along the Sava. Especially interesting is a protected ethno-village of Vezišće, the place where the opera diva Milka Trnina was born.

How to reach us

Otok Ivanić can be reached either by car using the state highway Zagreb- Lipovac, or by train, or else by coach. Bus links with other Croatian places are good.

Više informacija

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