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Historic monuments

In the environs of Jastrebarsko there are many historic and cultural monuments. The parish church of St. George, completed in 1768, is located in Plešivica. Do not miss the chapel of St. Francis Xavier. In Gornji Desinac you can visit the parish church of St. John the Baptist that has the central altar from 1721 and Baroque statues. The chapel of St. Emerick built in 1831 can still be seen in Cvetković. The chapel of St. Paul reconstructed in 1686 is in Pavlovčani. The altar from 1686 can be seen in the chapel of St. Catherine situated in Domagović. In Volavje there is a famous chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Snow, a Gothic chapel reconstructed in the Baroque style.

Remarkable monument is the parish church of St. Peter in Petrovina, invaluable for the whole cultural history of the late 15th century northern Croatia. Inside the church there are frescos from the first half of that century. The old Gothic structure and the bell-tower were built before 1668. The adjacent Baroque-style chapel of St. Anthony was built around 1730. Interesting is also the chapel of the Holy Body of Christ, built in 1668.

The Oršić family castle located in Slavetić has been reconstructed and redecorated many times throughout the centuries as evidenced by Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. Inside the castle there is a well-preserved furnace from the 17th century, fireplace with brackets and few portraits. The parish church of St. Anthony the Hermit was built in Slavetić around the year 1600. In the chapel of St.Vitus in Hrašća worth seeing is the 18th century altar. The ruins of the old town of Turanj, seat of the Podgorska County until the 13th century can be visited in Svetojanska Draga. Baroque-style parish church of St. Ana, built around 1687 is situated in Gorica Svetojanska.

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