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Sveta Jana

Only 9 km from Jaska this area is made up of 17 picturesque villages. Sveta Jana is the gentlest part of Prigorje and has always attracted holidaymakers. One way of getting there is via the village of Petrovina, famous for its St. Peter’s church. In the vicinity is also a small village of Rastoci famous for pottery.

Ethnological collection of the Sveta Jana region

The hundred year tradition of education in Sveta Jana dates back to 1902, when the foundation stone for the school building was laid. At the regional elementary school “Ljubo Babić” Jastrebarsko at Gorica Svetojanska (or Sveta Jana), 9 km from Jastrebarsko, next to the regional division of the kindergarten, is a small but very valuable ethnological collection of the student cooperative “Grozdek”.

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This small but valuable ethnological collection serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of the Sveta Jana region. “Stara iža” (Old house) with the traditional tools and furniture, national costumes, “kunja”, “komora”, and “najža” conjure up the way of life of our ancestors in their family homes (iže). Thematically exhibited at the collection are the tools, vessels, needlework, costumes, and the items associated with the ancient customs of this region. In “pinjica”, which is related to the traditional wine growing, the first Croatian winepress dating back to 1827 is displayed.

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