Vjerski turizam - "Dolina kardinala"

Krašić, a town with a population of 3,200 lies in the southwestern part of Zagreb County, 23 km from the Zagreb–Karlovac motorway and 50 km from Zagreb.Krašić is a place of prayer, peace and pilgrimage, and the birthplace and place of death of the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac (Krašić Days, 8 May). The Blessed Cardinal Stepinac was born in the village Brezarić in 1989, and served a 16-year sentence in a home prison. This is also the birthplace of Cardinal Franjo Kuharić (Pribić), Bishop Juraj Jezerinac (Prekrižje), and Bishop Josip Mrzljak. In addition to religious tourism, there are also numerous sporting activities available here, including hiking and golf (Mirkopolje).

Više informacija

TZO Krašić
Krašić 101
10454 Krašić,
Tel./Fax +385 1 6270 488

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