Krašić Krašić Vjerski turizam - "Dolina kardinala"


Krašić is situated in the northwesternmost part of Zagreb County. It is the largest settlement and represents the administrative seat of the municipality. The town is situated off of the main transport lines, while still being near to the main state roads. It is only 23 km from the Zagreb – Karlovac motorway and about 50 km from Zagreb. Krašić is easily accessible to excursionists and travellers via the old Karlovac highway from Zagreb to Karlovac via Jastrebarsko, which is 19 km away.

The town was first mentioned in the records in 1249 (the year on the Krašić coat of arms), and on the list of parishes of 1334, the parish of the Holy Trinity was mentioned as Sanctae Trinitatis de Kraysichi. The municipality covers an area of 71 km2 and has a population of 3199 (2001 census). The municipality includes 34 settlements. In terms of size and population density, it is considered a medium to large Croatian municipality. Unfortunately, the municipality is insufficiently developed and has a poor fiscal capacity.

The Krašić landscape is very diverse. The largest lowland area lies along the Kupčina River. In the south near Mirkopolje, the municipality includes the lower valley of the Kupa River. The remainder of the area is hilly. The main watercourse is the Kupčina River, with numerous small streams, and the lovely Slapnica cascades.

A large area is forested while the rest of the land is plough land, gardens, orchards and meadows. The climate is mild continental.

The main economic activity is agriculture. The population is largely homogenous in terms of nationality, and a large number of residents live abroad. Industry is poorly developed, and includes the meat industry, timber and PVC window and door production.

The development of tourism is one of the top priorities for the municipality. Krašić was previously known for the development of religious tourism. The nearby village of Brezarić is the birthplace of the blessed Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac (1898-1960), who spent the final years of his life in the Krašić parish office under house arrest, as part of a 16 year sentence. The one hundredth anniversary of the cardinal’s birth was formally commemorated on 8 May 1998 with the unveiling of a monument on the newly completed square before the Church of the Most Holy Trinity. Since 1994, the cardinal’s birthday, 8 May, is also celebrated as Krašić Municipality Day.

In addition to the blessed Alojzije Stepinec, Cardinal Franjo Kuharić (village of Pribić), Bishop Juraj Jezerinac (village of Prekrižje), Bishop Josip Mrzljak and many other ecclesiastical officials were also born in the Krašić area. As such, this area can rightfully be called a place of prayer, peace and pilgrimage, and most of all the birthplace and death place of the blessed Alojzije Stepinac.

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