Križ, a town with a population of 8000, situated on the hill around the Church of the Raising of the Holy Cross in the Česma River valley. The town lies on the Zagreb–Lipovac motorway and the Zagreb–Vinkovci railway line and is 50 km from Zagreb. This is the birthplace of literary historian Josip Badalić (Deanovec) and opera diva Milka Trnina (Vezišće). The town stands out for its rich cultural heritage, traditional rural wooden architecture, while the archaeological site Sipćina near Okešinec tells of the early settlement of this region.The southern part of the municipality is covered by the Žutica forest, which is also an oil field, while the Veliki Jantak forest, an important hunting ground, lies in the eastern part. The Česma River is a perfect site for fishing.

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TZO Križ
Trg Sv. Križa bb
10314 Križ,
Tel. +385 1 2831 510,

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