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The Municipality of Pisarovina measures about 142 square kilometres and has a population of only 3,707. Pisarovina is also the name of the municipal centre, a small town between the Vukomeričke Gorice hills, the Kupa River and the Draganići Woods. The town is accessible by a regional road and lies about 27 kilometres from Jastrebarsko and 25 kilometres from Zagreb. The municipality comprises the villages of Bratina, Bregana Pisarovinska, Donja Kupčina, Dvoranci, Gorica Jamnička, Lijevo Sredičko, Lučelnica, Pisarovina, Podgorje Jamničko, Selsko Brdo, Topolovec Pisarovinski, and Velika Jamnička.

The picturesque landscape of Pisarovina offers many pleasant sights. Fields and rolling hills alternate with ancient oak woods and groves, and streams meander towards the confluence with the Kupa. This rich and diverse area will delight the visitor with a sense of the gentle beauty of nature. Many families from Zagreb have discovered a sense of freedom in these unspoilt surroundings and have chosen to build their holiday cottages here. Along the clear and warm Kupa, little inlets covered with river sand attract visitors in search of a swim or a pleasant week-end rest. The Kupa is an attractive fishing spot, too: anglers can try their luck with carp, amur, chub, tench, catfish, pike and perch. Fishing is also possible at the anglers’ fishponds in Pisarovina.


The Pisarovina fishponds were developed in 1918 on about 130 hectares of marshland between Pisarovina and Donja Kupčina, and were created for an Italian countess by prisoners-of-war after World War I. The remains of the countess’s summer house and farm can still be visited near the ponds, though they are in a very bad state of repair.

A legend is attached to the origin of the name Pisarovina. A noble family is said to have owned the land where the town is today. History confirms this, but the legend has more to say. A countess named Sara who lived on the land fell very ill. Countess Sara’s property was surrounded by vineyards, and she probably enjoyed a good glass of wine. To relieve her ailment, servants encouraged Sara to drink wine, saying “Pij, Saro, vina” (Sara, drink some wine), and this is how the legend derives the name of Pisarovina.

According to history, a settlement existed on the location of modern Pisarovina in the thirteenth century. The parish and town of Jamnica was then the real centre of the area, and Pisarovina was no more than a part of the lands owned by the nobility. Only with the era of capitalism did Pisarovina become a town and was so recognised by the Austrian-Hungarian administration.

The first known historical reference to the place we know as Pisarovina is the name of the stream Pezariewo, which dates back to 1328.

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