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St Martin’s church

P11100901The famous St Martin’s church in Jamnica, on the southern side of the Vukomerice Hills is a true jewel of the region. The site selected for the church is perfect, and it dominates the entire area between Okić and the crossing of the Kupa river, where a bridge stands to this day. The beautiful Gothic structure of the church dates from the 13th century. The church’s patron saint is St Martin, which indicates that it was built by the Templars, a French order of crusaders whose knights took their patron saint wherever their military power extended. The church building was completed in 1746. The Baroque structure of the main altar in carved wood dates from 1741 and has been beautifully preserved, with eight sculptures and rich ornamental details. The other three altars are later. Another interesting feature of the church is an ex voto painting of 1779 depicting villagers in national costumes, and a chalice with the inscription “1712 F.R. Orshich”.

The wooden house built in 1785 next to the parish church has been well preserved and this kurija remains a fine example of local architecture.

Lučelnica is a village in the hills above Jamnica. The first known reference to Lučelnica is a river name dating from 1256. From Lučelnica, a path will take you downhill all the way to Lukinić-Brdo and Pokupsko, which suggests that it was originally a much used mountain road known as Gorski Put. The wooden chapel of the Holy Trinity in Lučelnica is worth a visit for its small but lovely Baroque altar dating from 1749. If all you are looking for is a relaxed outing away from the city centre, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the region by merely cycling along village roads and woodland paths. You may stumble across the only thatched house in Pisarovina where the way of life has not changed much since the house was built in 1892 by local master carpenters called “cimermani”.

Another wooden chapel of the Holy Trinity is at Dvoranci. The altars were built in the last decade of the 17th century. A few statuettes remaining from the original decoration of the altar show that the simple artwork was carved in wood in a style typical of the carvers of Turopolje.

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