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Municipality of Dubravica

The Municipality of Dubravica is situated in the northwestern part of Zagreb County, along the border with Slovenia. It borders on Krapina-Zagorje County (municipality of Kraljevec na Sutli) to the north, the municipality of Luka and city of Zaprešić to the east, the municipality of Pušća to the southeast, and the municipality of Marija Gorica to the south. To the west, the dividing line with Slovenia is the Sutla River. The name of the municipality originates from the Dubrava oak forest, which once covered the entire area of the municipality.

Cultural heritage


Parish Church of St. Anne

Parish Church of St. Anne (Rozga) – the Rozga (Rozgva) parish is seen on old maps from the 13th century. On 26 July of each year, and the first Sunday following, a traditional church feast is held in the parish, including festivities for all. The parish church was erected in 1842. The cemetery chapel in Rozga dates back to 1609 when it was called Chapel of Our Lady of Lušak. The church courtyard contains the old parish court, an important cultural monument of the highest (zero) category, which is a wooden structure more than 300 years old, and is unique to this part of the county.

Famous residents

Pavao Štoos (10.12.1806 – 30.03.1862) – Croatian poet, priest and member of the national enlightenment. Author of the famed elegy Kip domovine vu početku leta 1831 (Statue of the homeland in early summer 1831), a collaborator of Gaj’s Danica, a patriot concerned with the foreign pressures and inclination of the locals to other cultures (“vre i svoj jezik zabit Horvati hote ter drugi narod postati”) (“Croats will lose their language and become another nation”). Štoos pessimistically viewed the events in the nation, seeing only darkness in the future (“srce od plača ne mrem zdržati”) (“my heart cannot bear this sadness”). In addition to literature, he also wrote music and he published a booklet of sacral hymns in 1858. He also wrote the song “Poziv u kolo ilirsko” (“Invitation to join the Illyrian wheel dance”). In 1862 he was appointed Zagreb canon, but he died before taking over his duties.

Interesting facts

Dubravica peat bogs – The peat bogs near Dubravica, situated just under Lugarski Breg, was proclaimed a special botanical reserve in 1966. This is one of the rare habitats where the insectivorous round-leaf sundew plant still grows, the only species of this kind to grow in Croatia. Three species of mushrooms have also been discovered in the peat bogs, and this is their only known locality in Croatia. Due to the lack of active protection measures, the peat bogs have been reduced through the process of succession – the gradual takeover of forests of black alder (Alnus glutinosa) and alder buckthorn (Frangula alnus), and have virtually disappeared. In 2001, the Croatian Mycological Society launched a campaign to revitalize the bog. In two years time, they accomplished visible results, with an expansion of the peat throughout the entire area of the bog, and a ten-fold increase in the number of round-leaf sundew plants. The most important part of protection is regular mowing in June and October, and prohibiting any walking on the peat, with the exception of mowing and scientific research. For this purpose, a wooden plateau was built in 2006 to allow visitors to observe the peat bog.

Round-leaf sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) is a plant of transitional peat bogs. It grows in the Rhynchosporetum albae community, which is typical in peat bogs. This is an insectivorous, perennial plant that grows 5–12 cm in height. The upper side of the leaf is covered in reddish glandular hairs, to 3 mm long, which have a sticky, glandular papilla at the top (for catching insects). This plant is hermaphroditic. It blooms from June to August. It compensates for the lack of nitrogen in the soil by using its sticky tentacles to capture insects, which are then immediately engulfed whole by the leaf. In some parts of Europe, the plant is used in traditional medicine.

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