Pokupsko Pokupsko A place of safe future

About Pokupsko

The district of Pokupsko is 130 kilometers square. It is located on the hillsides of the cities that have left an indelible mark on Pokupsko, the cities of Zagreb, Velika Gorica, Sisak and Karlovac under their social and economic development. The modern Pokupsko is well connected by modern roads and bus lines with surrounding towns. Favorable geographic position and unlimited nature make the municipality of Pokupsko a pleasant place to live in which the population comes and remains satisfied. Places included in the municipality are: Pokupsko, Gladovec Pokupski, Cerje Pokupsko, Auguštanovec, Ljevi Degoj, Lje Štefanki, Lukinić brdo, Hotnja, Strezojevo, Šestak hill, Zgurić hill, Cvetnić hill, Roženica and Opatija.

The district of Pokup is especially attractive for the beauty of nature and its cleanliness, which allows for a range of activities from sports to economic as ecological agriculture. The River Kupa River provides opportunities for fishing, kayaking, forests full of various types of wildlife (horseradish, pheasant, wild boar), hunting available, and other sports activities available at the modern Paintball field in Hotnja. The beauty of nature and the unconventional harmony of man and nature just are the incentive under which many have chosen the place of residence of their holiday homes, especially the summer resort Sunčani brijeg and Hrtić.

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