Pokupsko Pokupsko A place of safe future

Library in the park of Pokupsko

The parish of Pokupsko is a parish which occupies the whole area of the Pokupsko municipality. In the history of the parish, there was a vast repository of the Cistercian Abbey in Topusko. The first record of the parish of Pokupsko rises from 1504. When the parish priest Stjepan is mentioned in Pokupje. At the very beginning, the parishioners painted in the wooden sonnet a record from 1668. Bishop Juraj Branjug built a true parish dormant in 1740 and is one of the oldest, if not the oldest in Zagreb Archdiocese. It is important to note that Bishop Branjug was also the patron of the construction of the parish wreath in Pokupski in Baroque style, which is still encircled by the towers and walls of “cincturama”.

The library in the parish of the Pokupsko library with a large number of old knits that were created until 1945. Years. Much of the book was moved at the time of the Homeland War and despite the failures they had made, they managed to be preserved. One of the most valuable books in the Library is Homer’s Odyssey printed around 1557 by Theodosius Rihelius in Starachus. Next to the books printed in 1677 by the author of Gaspara Schott and a large preserved collection of works and records by Paul of Whatus.

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