Samobor Samobor Grad karnevala i kremšnita


The tourism pearl of the county

In the western part of the county, between the Zaprešić and Jastrebarsko areas, and lying on the border of neighbouring Slovenia, the Samobor area with its 55,000 residents stretches out over 315 square kilometres. The area includes the City of Samobor, the town of Sveta Nedelja and Stupnik. This is one of the most developed tourism areas, not only in Zagreb County, but in this part of Croatia. In addition to tourism and hospitality, the economy of Samobor is based on agriculture, craftsmanship, the chemical industry, glass-making and more.

Samobor is a picturesque town with a preserved old town core and a long-standing tradition as a tourism and excursion destination. Its long history, rich cultural heritage and attractive surroundings make the town a very important destination in Croatian tourism. It has long been the favourite outing destination for Zagreb residents, who come here to enjoy the town’s charm, natural beauty and popular Samobor restaurants and excursion sites. Tourism began to develop here in the 19th century, and the Society for the Embellishment of Samobor, the predecessor of the Tourism Society, was established in 1886.

The town is situated on the eastern slopes of Samoborsko gorje, at the entrance to the romantic valley of the Gradna stream. The medieval town with predominantly Baroque architecture has about 15,000 residents, and is surrounded by a broad ring of mountains, from Okić-grad, to Plešivica, Oštrc, Veliki Dol, Lipovac and Japetić to Žumberak.

Good transport ties

Samobor is only twenty kilometres from the centre of Zagreb and five kilometres from the Croatia-Slovenia border. It is also on the regional road linked to the Zagreb-Ljubljana motorway. It is well connected to Zagreb, Croatia and the world. It is only a half hour’s drive from the Zagreb Airport, railway and bus stations. Near the town, the main state road heading east-west crosses the nearby Zagreb bypass that runs north-south.

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