Samobor Samobor Grad karnevala i kremšnita

Anindol is Samobor’s loveliest promenade

Anindol is Sambor’s lovliest promenade. This wooded park lies on the Tepec Hill near the Baroque Chapel of St. Anne, patron saint of Samobor, after which the promenade was named. Just above it is the Chapel of St. George. In 1933, the Stations of the Cross were erected between the two chapels. The 14 stations are made of carved stone with reliefs. Today’s Anindol was once covered in thickets before then Mayor Smidhen had the area cleared for the park. Another important promendade area in the town, and also the town sports and recreation centre, Vugrinščak, which lies at the foot of Tepec Hill.

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