Samobor Samobor Grad karnevala i kremšnita

Big carnival party


Big carnival party

Very diverse tourist offer of Samobor also includes numerous traditional festivities and events. One such festivity has been the mark of the region for the past 170 years – the famous Samobor Carnival one of the most attractive and biggest in this part of Croatia. Besides, the people of Samobor said long ago: “Fools have a carnival every day, and sober only during Carnival”. Many people visit old-timer rally or dog show in May, Music Festival in September, or an event called Bread and Wine, Salami Days in March, the Days of old Croatian cuisine, Trout days, Chestnut Days, festivities connected with St. Martin’s Day, Advent Days and many other. The day of the town of Samobor is observed between 26th and 28th July.

Another distinct feature of Samobor are its tradesmen and catering industry employees. Traditional occupations are: leather processing, artistic glass cutting, mead and gingerbread making etc. Farm produce that can either be bought at the green market in Samobor or on individual farms is of high quality. Well known are also liqueur bermet and spicy dip called muštarda. The family Filipec who also make famous Samobor custard slices keeps recipes. From Samobor and Žumberak ranges come many herbs used in preparation and making of herb tea.

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