Samobor Samobor Grad karnevala i kremšnita

Livadić castle


Bust of Ferdo Livadić, Samobor

Livadić castle, the home of Samobor museum, was constructed in several stages on the estate of the noble Kralić family. It was first marked on the map of Samobor in 1764. At the end of the 18th century a court councillor Franjo honourable Tisztpataky had bought the estate and built a new, comfortable castle. In 1809 his widow bequeathed the whole estate including the castle to her nephew Ferdo Livadić who remained its owner until his death in 1879. That was the castle’s golden period. Musician, lawyer, judge, principal Ferdo Livadić invited many eminent guests to his castle mostly people from the Illyrian Movement circle: Vraz, Gaj, Drašković, Rakovac, Vukotinović and Preradović. This is where a famous Croatian patriotic song “Još Hrvatska nij’ propala” was first sang, as Ferdo Livadić wrote music and Ljudevit Gaj lyrics. After Livadić the castle changed many owners and in 1948 it became the home of Samobor museum.

You can see many different collections in the Museum of Samobor with exhibits that are the evidences of the continuity of life in Samobor region. There is a geologic, archeologic and cultural and historic collection, and the collection dedicated to the memory of Ferdo Livadić. On display are also hundred years of Samobor economy: art collection of portraits, sacral works, sculptures, landscapes, graphics and a special ethnographic collection of artefacts from Samobor region.

In the town vicinity worth seeing is the palace Podolje situated in the valley of Lipovečka Gradna. The available data referring to the palace are from the 15th and 16th centuries.

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