Sveti Ivan Zelina Sveti Ivan Zelina Knights of Zelingrad

Culture and tradition


Knights of Zelingrad

Sveti Ivan Zelina has a long cultural tradition. Elementary school was open in the 17th century, and the gifted students of the region went to study in Bologna, Vienna and Graz. Tituš Brezovački also worked in Zelina, and during the Illyrian Movement distinguished Illyrians Vraz, Švear and Mlinarić used to meet in priest Krizman’s house. Another important person is the parish priest from Donja Zelina Dragutin Stražimir, who in 1870 printed the book “Wine-grower” contributing to the development of this extremely important occupation in the region. In 1887 a reading-room, and soon afterwards a library opened in Zelina along with many associations that enriched the social and cultural life of the town and its environs.


Knights of Zelingrad

You also need to see the old parish church of St. John the Baptist. This Medieval church was reconstructed and given its final look around 1720. It features a richly ornamented Baroque pulpit from 1726, stone statue Pieta, costumes, paintings, bell cast in Zagreb in 1800. You may also enjoy walking along the town where you’ll find many beautiful period houses from the 19th century.

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