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Turbulent past of Zelingrad


Ruins of burg Zelingrad

Northwest of Zelina are the ruins of burg Zelingrad. It is not exactly known when it was first built, but it is mentioned for the first time in 1295. As it seems, it used to be the seat of Moravča parish. In 1320 it was owned by Nikola, son of Petar of Ludbreg, and as of 1434 by the Bychele family. Between 1527 and 1536 the followers of Zapolja and those of Ferdinand fought for it. Zapolja gave it as a gift to P. Palfi in 1531. In 1536 it came into possession of the family Kaštelanović, and then for a century the Kerečeni family. They restored it. In the second half of the 16th century the archive of the Čazma chapter was kept there. Unfortunately as of 1640 this place has been referred to only as a ruin.

In Novo Mjesto, 5 km east of Zelina, there is a chapel of St. Paul and Peter. Its steeple rises console-like from the main facade. Square shaped shrine has Romanesque window. Inside the chapel a partly preserved altar from the early Baroque period with algae motif, pacifical from 1681, and tin ampulla from 1690 can be seen.

St. Helen is a settlement 7 km south of Zelina. On a hill, surrounded by a ditch is the Gothic chapel of St. Helen with Gothic vaults, windows and entrance door-posts. The chapel was restored in 1866. The chapel of St. George in Gornje Psarjevo is one of the oldest sacral buildings in the region. It was probably built in a transitional Romanesque – Gothic period. Later it was reconstructed on several occasions. There are also Baroque elements, the most interesting being the central altar of St. George built between 1665 and 1670 with statues of saints.

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