Velika Gorica

Wooden beauties

Velika Gorica, a town with a population of about 33,000. The town is 16 km southeast of Zagreb and lies on the hilly part of Vukomerička gorica and the lowland of Turopolje. The town can be considered a suburb of Zagreb, due to the excellent fast road connection. The Zagreb Airport “Franjo Tuđman” is nearby, in the village of Pleso. The entire area is rich in cultural and historical sights, dating back to prehistoric times, including sacral and ethnological monuments (wooden chapels and manors, archaeological site Andautonia (Ščitarjevo), the Lukavec Old Town and the valuable art collection on display in the Turopolje Museum). The entire area is also well known for its excellent cuisine offered in many restaurants and excursion sites around the town.

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