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What our elders ate

kaj-su-jeli-naši-stari-1When some thirty years ago a manifestation called “What our ancestors ate” was organised in Vrbovec it gave a new dimension to the development of tourism in this town. Hunters from abroad were also attracted by large numbers of small and big game. “What our ancestors ate” is a unique tourist and culinary event where visitors can taste and buy food specialities of the region. It is held each last weekend in August. Old folk dishes are an integral part of national identity, and this event keeps the tradition alive. Culinary tradition of the region is long indeed. Between 1925 and 1940 Domestic-Science School was very popular. It was established in Lovrečina grad. Dishes that are offered during the event “What our ancestors ate” can also be tasted in several restaurants in Vrbovec.

If you ask local people what to buy as a souvenir they’ll all mention foods. Famous are dairy products of the Burek family from the village of Mostari near Dubrava, the natural honey and honey products of the family Hegel from Vrbovec. Valuable information about wine can be got from theWine-growers and wine-merchants Association in Vrbovec.

Vrbovec is the home of many other traditional events: St Vincent’s Day, Carnival and St Martin’s Day. The Day of Vrbovec is selebrated on 15th June, on St Vitus’ Day who is the patron saint of the parish. The Planet Earth Day is also marked, along with Christmas and New Year’s Festival. There is also the exhibition of old apple sorts, sporting events, for example semi-marathon Vrbovec that is becoming more and more popular. Worth visiting is the Gallery Vrbovec situated at Petar Zrinski Square number 5.

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