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From horse-back riding to flying

Zaprešić and its environs are famous for sports. There is a football stadium, football fields, sports halls, bowling alleys, outdoor and indoor tennis courts. Those who like aerial sports will also be able to enjoy paragliding and motor powered gliding. In the Equestrian Club ‘Trajbar team’ you can go horseback riding, attend riding school or a special school of sports riding under the guidance of licensed riding instructors. Club has a riding sports hall, nice coffee-shop and a restaurant. Already mentioned moto-cross run on Pepaeevom bregu (Pepae hill), Prigorje Brdoveeko is extremely attractive for bystanders.

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TZG Zaprešića
Ulica kardinala Alojzija Stepinca 22
10290 Zaprešić
Tel. +385 1 3310 309 +385 1 3311 611,
POU Zaprešić
Tel. +385 1 3310 116

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