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Lužnica Mansion

Apart from the Jelačić Palace this region is the home of many other beautiful palaces and mansions. If you take a left turn from Zaprešić toward Brdovec you’ll see Lužnica Mansion, a one-storey baroque building. It was built in the early 18th century. It used to be owned by the Rauch family. The mansion has three wings, and is U shaped. Angle towers are of cylindrical shape. Above the main entrance overlooking the park there is a large balcony. Façade features different busts in relief. The mansion chapel has a rococo style altar. It is a zero cathegory monument.


Januševac palace

Januševac palace, situated six kilometres west of Zaprešić, this palace is the most beautiful Croatian palace done in classicist style. It was probably built around 1830 by general Vrkljan, Minister of Maria Louisa, the Grand Duchess of Parma and second Napoleon’s wife. The plans were probably made by B. Felbinger. Later in 1845 E. Corberon bought the place, but he was not the last owner, as they exchanged frequently. In May of 1945 the palace was damaged in an explosion. It was to be rebuilt in the 1970s. The palace is square shaped, the north-east transverse is accentuated by porticoes with columns, and the loggia is to the west. The central oval hall features an 11 m dome, 8 m in diameter. The walls are decorated with paintings showing panoramas of different cities. Adjacent to the palace is a park. Zero cathegory monument.


Laduč mansion

Seven kilometres from Zaprešić you’ll find Laduč mansion. It was designed by architect K. Waidman in 1882 for the landlord baron Vladimir Vranyczany. It is a one-story mansion, with facade altar, a double staircase with stone balustrades leading to the first floor. Ceilings are decorated with wonderful paintings, the work of Ivan Klausen. In front of the mansion there is a garden done on the model of French parks.

The baroque Oršić family mansion in Gornja Bistra was built in the second half of the 18th century. It’s a one-storey, U shaped building with an interesting portal and a small aside chapel. The central oval hall features Illusionist paintings of mythological content from 1778. Around the palace are beautiful lanes. Zero cathegory monument.

Jakovlje palace was built in the 18th century under the northern slopes of Medvednica, while the Jakovlje estate is mentioned much earlier in 1546 when it was bought by a Jakov Sekelj of Ormož. The estate was subsequently held by the Oršić, Gottal, Rauch, Josipović and Kronfeld families. It was gradually reconstructed, and got its final look in the third phase after the 1880 earthquake. Around the Palace there are gardens, service and farm buildings, vegetable garden and horsechestnut access lane. Gardens were probably created in the second half of the 19th century, after the last reconstructionof the mansion. The palace is today a residence distinguished for its remarkable park of sculpture. It is retained as visual artists working area. A third cathegory monument.

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