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Tradition maintained

People of Zaprešić and its environs keep their folk traditions and ethnologic treasures alive. The town has many Cultural Clubs, for example “Kupljenovo, “Hruševec of Kupljenovo” and “Ban Josip Jelačić”, active also are the majorettes named “The Jelačić majorettes”, and a society called “The Noble Youth of Zapresic” that organises formal ball-room dances where ladies come wearing beautiful dresses and gentlemen officers’ uniforms from the time of Josip Jelačić. Zaprešić is the venue of many traditional cultural, entertainment and sporting events. In May and October, when the anniversaries of ban Josip Jelačić’s birth and death are marked, the Jelačić Days are organised with a number of events. Then, of course, in February traditional Carnival festivities are held. In July you must visit the Harvest Festivities that complement the International Festival of Folk Songs and Dances that is held in Zagreb. On Easter Monday a traditional motorcycle cross-country race is held on Pepač breg as part of national championships, then “Trajbar team” horse tournaments held in May and October, table tennis tournament “Joža Vogrinec Memorial” and a bicycle race “V. Horvatić Memorial” in September.

Municipality Dubravica keeps a hundred year long tradition of playing wind instruments, and each May a Festival of Wind Orchestras of the northeast Croatia is held here. The Wind Orchestra “Rozga” is the best amateur wind orchestra in Zagreb County, and the second in Croatia, with a hundred-year-old tradition.

Cultural Club “St. Anna” with its band of brass music players gathers younger generations who carry on the tradition. Association of Women from Bobovo called “Bobovljanke” cultivates old folk songs, preparation of traditional dishes and making of national costumes, then customs connected with picking of feathers, vineyard hoeing as well as those relating to weddings, christenings and other important events in the life of ordinary people. One mustn’t forget to mention the horn players who are unique in this part of Zagorje region. You can see them at all hunters’ gatherings.

In Brdovec area there are two Cultural Clubs: Januševec and Mihovil Krušlin. Widely known is the parish choir of St Vitus. In Luka municipality active are the majorettes, as well as the brass band. Traditional church feast is held on St Rocco’s. Merry Carnival processions are organised in February.

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