About us

Learn more about our tourist board.

Located near the famous Esplanade Hotel Zagreb and in the vicinity of the Zagreb Main Railway Station, our authentically decorated tourist office now allows us to offer you, in the very heart of Zagreb, all of the information and tourism promotion materials of the Zagreb County.

The Tourist Association System of Zagreb County is made up of 9 town and 4 municipal tourist associations. We all meet at our regular monthly co-ordination meetings sometimes held in Zagreb, but more often somewhere on location when through friendly chatting with our hosts we often learn of the lesser known parts of this diverse County. Reasons to get together with our colleagues and exchange information are numerous as well as the venues including fairs, exhibitions, festivals etc.

We like to keep in touch with our colleagues from the neighbouring Counties and look forward to any and all forms of co-operation.

Our job is not limited to office only. In order to be able to recognise and appreciate what one region has to offer as a tourist attraction one has to see it and experience it, or said simply one has to go out there and be with the people. Our modest, amateur photo archive is a result of these ‘wanderings’.

Thank you for visiting our pages and for finding out who and what we are. It is our wish to present this region of the County of Zagreb as best as we can so that you, our valued guest may fully enjoy your stay.

We look forward to seeing you in our Office or answering your queries on the phone or reading your e-mail messages, questions and suggestions.

We welcome you to the County of Zagreb and wish you a pleasant stay!

Ružica Rašperić