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The Zagreb County Tourist Board was founded in September 1998 with its headquarters in Zagreb. The tourist board is a legal person. The rights and obligations of the tourist board are regulated by the Act on Tourist Boards and the Promotion of Croatian Tourism, and by the Board’s statute. The tourist board has the status of a legal person from the day of its registration in the Register of Tourist Boards which is maintained by the Ministry of Tourism. The main task of the Zagreb County Tourist Board is to support, maintain, improve and promote of all the county’s existing tourist resources and potential and to create a strong and recognizable brand. In addition, the county tourist board also has the following tasks:

– to co-operate and coordinate with legal and physical persons who are either directly or indirectly involved in tourism at county level in order to jointly agree, determine and implement the tourism development plan as part of the county’s overall economic development plan,
– to support and assist the development of tourism in municipalities and towns which are not touristically developed,
– to offer expert and all other possible help to the tourist offices of the municipalities or towns on all matters of importance for their work and development,
– to support, coordinate and organise economic, cultural, sporting and other shows and events of importance for the whole county,
– to develop programmes and plans for the promotion of the county’s tourist products, paying attention to the individual characteristics of each tourist location,
– to determine, organise and implement all tasks related to the promotion of the county’s tourist products in accordance with the basic guidelines of the Croatian National Tourist Board,
– to collect daily and collate monthly data on tourist numbers and any other data of importance for the monitoring of the execution of given tasks and goals (aggregate report of municipalities and towns),
– to prepare semi-annual and annual reports, analyses and evaluations of the accomplishment of the work programme and financial plan of the county tourist board,
– to carry out all other tasks entrusted to it by the tourist offices of municipalities and towns and by the Croatian National Tourist Board.

Thank you for visiting our pages and for finding out who and what we are. It is our wish to present this region of the County of Zagreb as best as we can so that you, our valued guest may fully enjoy your stay.

We welcome you to the County of Zagreb and wish you a pleasant stay!


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