A word from County Prefect


mr.sc. Stjepan Kožić, County Prefect

Welcome to the County of Zagreb – an attractive, round-year excursion and recreation destination, the green surroundings of Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia – the county of rich history, long tradition, cultural and sacral heritage, conserved nature and extraordinary landscapes.

Situated in the central part of north-western Croatia, the County of Zagreb covers an area of 3,077 sq. km and has a population more than 300,000. In area it ranks sixth and in population fifth in Croatia. The specific geographical location, along the very border with the Republic of Slovenia, and the immediate vicinity of Zagreb – which is encircled by the County in the shape of an irregular horseshoe on the western, southern and eastern sides – have always made the County an important junction of European traffic routes, one of the main entrances into Croatia and a significant transit area.

The attractiveness of Zagreb and its demographic potential have always been the most powerful generator of tourist trade in the County of Zagreb. An abundance of various natural, cultural and historical tourist potentials is a prerequisite for a great number of different tourist activities. Apart from the already present forms of tourist offer, mostly of local nature – excursion, recreation, business and transit tourism – one should certainly mention health, religious (pilgrim), sport and country tourism, as new forms of the selective offer of a tourist destination.

The County of Zagreb, situated around the Croatian capital, has managed to preserve its tradition despite modern urban developments. This is shown by a number of smaller traditional craft centres and towns, scattered all over the surroundings of Zagreb, today attractive destinations, not only of excursionists and tourists but also business people, who often choose them for a peaceful weekend or a break from dynamic business life.

The surroundings of Zagreb, historically and economically connected with the city for as long as anyone can remember, has given many great people in various fields of human activity – history, art, science, politics, religion and literature. Moreover, in the rich past of this region many kings, rulers, local and foreign nobility made a stop here and finally founded their new homes. Silent witnesses of the past, castles and mediaeval fortifications, as well as a number of manor houses still tell the almost forgotten stories to their visitors.

The mountainous belt with gentle hills and picturesque wine-growing slopes, intact landscapes, rich tradition and supporting events, an exquisite gastronomic offer, old vineyard cottages and wine cellars offering a glass of good wine, hospitality and a smile on the faces of the local people – this is the County of Zagreb.

Finally, let me invite you to the County of Zagreb to meet its people and experience their hospitality browsing through our new Web sites enjoying both text and photographs. Let me invite you to come to see it, hoping that your stay with us would be pleasant, that you will feel here at home – that you will wish to come here again and again.

mr.sc. Stjepan Kožić
County Prefect

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