EU projects


Promotion of natural and cultural heritage to develop sustainable tourism in protected areas – Pronacul PRONACUL emphasizes the idea of promoting and preserving natural and cultural heritage and supporting the development of a transnational strategy for the joint promotion of the Adriatic-Ionian region as a tourist destination Since Partners and / or associated partners of […]

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Ecomuseum Bistra

On 15th February 2021, a Grant Agreement was signed as part of the Call for Proposals in the procedure of direct grant award for the strategic project “Renovation of the old school building and cultural and tourist revitalization through the ITU mechanism – ECOMUZEJ BISTRA”, reference code: BC . “The project was co-financed by the […]

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KNOWING – Horizon Europe project

The new EU project called “Framework for defining climate mitigation pathways based on understanding and integrated assessment of climate impacts, adaptation strategies and societal transformation” (abbreviated: KNOWING), funded by EU programme „Horizon Europe“, aims to develop a modeling framework to help understand and quantify the interactions between climate change impacts and risks, mitigation measures and […]

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