Countryside Poetry

Making the short film “Countryside Poetry – Zagreb County” took a total of 16 months of shooting. The project was conceived as a visual poetry through almost meditative sequences depicting Zagreb County through a fascinating series of carefully selected video, slowmotion and timelapse sequences.

In addition to its promotional character, with cultural, natural, sacral elements and other curiosities and events, the film is enriched by a series of subjective experiences of beauty and capturing the atmosphere of Zagreb County and its residents, but also rarely seen by the public, castle interiors, manor houses and private oasis of cultural heritage.

The film was shot by Marko Vrdoljak for the Zagreb County Tourist Board with customly composed music by Zvonko Tešić and creative editing and special effects by Dražen Zeljković. The entire project was coordinated by Ms. Rašperić, Director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board.

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