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06. 11. 2020.

Did you know that the Turopolje woods ones freely roamed by the the Turopolje pig, indigenous breed that originated from wild European pig Sus scrofa ferus europeaeus and the first written record of this indigenous breed of domestic pig dating back to 1352.
It was created on the territory of the present Turopolje in VI. century crossing breeds with the Slovenian karst-Polish breed (Đikić Mary Juric I., 2002). The development of the Turopolje pig took place over a long period of time, and the turning point came in the early 1940s when Miško pl. Leder from Kurilovac crossed his domestic pigs with an unidentified breed of pigs. This process resulted in valid pigs with established characteristics that corresponded to the economic requirements of that time.

The Turopolje pig belongs to medium-sized breeds of pigs with a height to the crest of an adult pig of about 75 cm. They are lively, intelligent and good-natured, resistant to food changes and weather conditions, perfectly adapted to life on wetlands and weather conditions. The Turopolje pig perfectly embed into the oak forestse cosystem exploiting their products and also live in free farming.
The meat of Turopolje pigs is juicy and pink in color and is therefore highly valued.
he Association – Aristrocratic Turopolje Municipality is responsible for the implementation of Turopolje pig breeding.








20. 04. 2022.

Croatia Rally ready to create more magic WRC memories

After hosting one of the most epic deciding stages in the 50-year history of the FIA World Rally Championship last April, the Croatia Rally is back and all set to create another batch of high-speed sporting memories. An eagerly anticipated newcomer to the WRC in 2021, the Croatia Rally retains its third-round calendar slot as […]

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08. 03. 2022.

Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day

  Zagreb County Tourist Board wishes to all women Happy Women’s Day! Spend every day, especially today, surrounded by love, attention and tenderness, do not let anything stop you in your dreams and be proud to be a woman! „Where there is a woman, there is magic.“ – Ntozake Shange

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