Virtual walk through Zagreb Green Ring

03. 05. 2020.

Whether you want to take a virtual walk through the picturesque landscapes of the Zagreb Green Ring, on your own computer or cellphone screen, modern technology does this perfectly well.

Faithfully conveyed, every detail, every house, road or hill is visible, and numerous landmarks and important objects are clearly marked and described to visitors. Just a few clicks are enough to plan your trip accurately or to remind you of an already experienced trip, as nine cities and four surrounding municipalities are literally at your fingertips. A quick tour of all of Zagreb surroundings from a bird’s eye view is not something you could just do live.

Our virtual view opens up new horizons and in the most transparent way of approaching the geographic characteristics and diversity of Zagreb Green Ring. You will be convinced that green is not just a phrase, because it prevails in every corner.

From the hilly and forested areas around Zaprešić and Samobor, through the plains along the Kupa and Sava rivers to the fertile fields and vineyards of Moslavina and Prigorje, nature determines the rhythm of life of the peaceful towns and villages surrounded by it.

And can a virtual walk replace the right one?

Of course it cannot, because it is not possible to convey the enormous richness of all the sounds, smells, flavors, sights and experiences that await the right passengers at every turn.

A virtual walk, a luxury of modern times, is there to inform and entice you – take it as always an open invitation to visit and enjoy the Zagreb Green Ring.

Virtual walk through Zagreb Green Ring you can start here.

Dream now, visit later







20. 11. 2020.

Jaskanski ogranak Matice hrvatske slavi 10. rođendan

Jaskanski ogranak Matice hrvatske slavi 10. rođendan

Prije točno 10 godina, 19. studenog 2010. održana je obnoviteljska skupština Ogranka Matice hrvatske u Jastrebarskom. Već 10 godina jaskanski ogranak kontinuirano djeluje na promicanju identiteta hrvatskoga naroda na svim područjima umjetničkoga, znanstvenoga i duhovnoga stvaralaštva te očuvanju baštine grada Jastrebarskog, jaskanskog kraja i šire. U proteklih 10 godina objavio je 16 vrijednih knjiga, obnovio […]

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16. 11. 2020.

The Times included Croatia among the top three best destination in the World!

Croatia is included in the top three world destinations in the Best Country Award 2020 category, award that popular British newspaper The Times & The Sunday Times presented to the best countries in the world. Because of the current epidemiological situation, the award ceremony was held virtually and was attended by the Director of the CNTB Representative Office in Great […]

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06. 11. 2020.

Find out more about Turopolje

Did you know that the Turopolje woods ones freely roamed by the the Turopolje pig, indigenous breed that originated from wild European pig Sus scrofa ferus europeaeus and the first written record of this indigenous breed of domestic pig dating back to 1352. It was created on the territory of the present Turopolje in VI. […]

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07. 10. 2020.

Promotion of the Jaska region

  In HRT’s show Dobro jutro, Hrvatska, watch a part of the rich and interesting tourist offer of the Jaska region – an article about the cooperage workshop and collection of the Golub family full of old photos of the traditional way of making barrels and wooden utensils used in the wine production process. In […]

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01. 10. 2020.

Pumpkin month in Ivanić-Grad

Pumpkin month in Ivanić-Grad

Without a doubt, the restaurants, inns and rural households of the Zagreb Green Ring from the beginning of October onwards are very lively and interesting. Autumn specialties line up and attract guests, and those who want even more direct contact with food can visit some of the traditional festivals dedicated to autumn foods and their […]

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