Kurija (type of traditional wooden country house) of the noble family Medven

In the first quarter of the 19th ct., in the category of housing structures in the north-west Croatia, by dividing of estates into lots and by sale of larger feudal estates, construction of mostly minor castles and manors arose, large ground-floor or single-story buildings with an estate. The names of manors, still known today, are mostly connected with their owners, wealthier families of the time. Besides for the very valuable architectural achievements and valuable stone doorposts, window, balcony, ceiling and other decorations, some of them also preserve: old furniture, weapons, dishes and paintings. The major role in the preservation and the current state of particular manors was played by the ownership continuity of a single family. Well-known manors are: Praunsperger-Bošnjak, Reiser (the so-called Mirnovec, Velika Rakovica, Samobor), Bistrac, Kiepach, Dvoržak, Špigelski, Hamor, Molvice (one of the few in the Samobor area built with timber in the tradition of rural architecture), Gluck/Hafner, Modić-Bedeković, Alapić, Pintar, Zlatarić, Lentulaj, Barać, Domjanić, Švarcovina (Kos), Čačković-Krizmanić, Fodroci, Kukuljević, “Šumski dvor”, Amruševo, Ostrna, Božjakovina and others. There are about 50 manors in all in the territory of the County.

Modić-Bedeković Manor – Donja Lomnica, Velika Gorica


Modić–Bedeković manor

Situated on the edge of the settlement on a mild plateau under a big old lime-tree, the Modić–Bedeković manor is one of the rare preserved examples of autochthonous housing construction, timber manors of the Turopolje nobility. It was built in 1806. The type of the construction was observed here too, as well as in other such facilities – on the ground floor are farm buildings, on the first floor – rooms. Everything has kept a touch of the past here, and the original appearance of the interior has been preserved to a good extent. There are beautiful stoves for heating in rooms, stylish furniture and the genealogy of the Modić family.

A visit to the manor is possible with a previous announcement or through the contact with Tourist Board of the Town of Velika Gorica or the Tourist Board of Zagreb County.

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