Features of Interest

Features of Interest

This website was created to assist all visitors who have a little extra time or a special interest in planning their vacation or excursion to the Zagreb surroundings.

Here you will find something for everyone: itineraries by County tourist destinations planned to help you get to know and plan your visit or excursion to the County, as well as tales of old crafts and trades, folklore, the traditions of Zagreb County told through stories and history or professionally though popularly written educational texts.

Over time, we will also include a story or two about the specific wine and cuisine offer of the County, stories of the natural beauty of the Zagreb surroundings and other points of interest from the diverse offer of this County, accompanied by many photographs in order to round out each story told.

Our wish is to show you why, when and how to visit Zagreb County, and to give you reason to stay longer and to return more frequently. Of course, we hope you will write to us with your opinions, suggestions and experiences, as this is valuable return information for future topics of interest on this website, to better suit you and your needs.

We wish you a pleasant visit to our website and our County!

Tourist Board of Zagreb County