Old crafts and trades

Zagreb County is a traditional craft and trade region of the Republic of Croatia. Throughout history, the County’s craftsmen and tradesman have supplied the local county population with their crafts and products, as well as supplying the population of the City Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

The most present are certainly the following: gingerbread makers and candle makers, potters, blacksmiths, harness makers, leather workers, brick makers, bakers and butchers, glass makers and crystal makers. The skills of individual masters is also seen in the production of musical instruments, the production of footwear, clothing and jewellery, the creation of models of the traditional wooden houses of the County – the Turopolje, Prigorje, Posavina and Zumberak houses, the production of wines and liqueurs, salami and more.

Over time, the crafts have changed, some have evolved while others have fallen into oblivion, however, the tradition exists even today.

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