Brdovec, Dubravica, Marija Gorica Schönheit und Pracht der Schlösser

Gemeinde Dubravica

The community Dubravica is in the northwestern part of the County of Zagreb on the Slovenian border. To the north it borders on the Krapina-Zagorje (municipality Kraljevec na Sutli), to the east with the municipality of Luka and the city Zaprešić, in the southeast with the municipality Pušća and south with the municipality of Marija Gorica. In the west it is separated by the river Sutla of Slovenia. The name of the village comes from the oak forest Dubrava (dubrava = grove), the sooner the whole territory of the municipality was covered.


Church-of-St-Anna, -Rozga

Parish Church of St.. Anna (Rozga)

Parish Church of St. Anne (Rozga). – on old maps is the parish Rozga (Rozgva) in the 13th century mentioned.. Each year, held the traditional fair, accompanied by a local celebration in the parish on 26 July and the first following Sunday. The parish church was built in 1842, the chapel at the cemetery in Rozga still dates from 1609, when it was mentioned as a chapel of Our Lady of Lusaka. In the churchyard is a valuable cultural monument, the old rectory, monument of the highest category, built of wood and over 300 years old and unique to this part of the county.

Prominent persons

Pavao Štoos (12/10/1806 – 30/03/1862) – Croatian poet, priest and national revivalists. He is the author of the famous elegy „Kip domovine vu početku leta 1831“ (statue of the home early in the year 1831), an employee of the journal of Ljudevit Gaj „Danica“ and patriot, concerned about the foreign oppression and denationalization of the indigenous people („vre i svoj jezik zabit Horvati hote ter drugi narod postati ‚- the Croats want to forget their language and other people are). Štoos was pessimistic about our circumstances, and saw the land in the dungeon and darkness („srce od placa ne mrem zdržati“ – my heart I can not keep from crying). Besides literature, he occupied himself with music and religious verses printed in 1858 with arias. He is also the author of the song „Poziv u kolo ilirsko“ (call for Illyrian dance). In 1862 he was named to the Zagreb canons, but died before he could take office.


Dubravica Moor – Moor (peat) at Dubravica, located under the hill Lugarski Brijeg, 1966 proclaimed the botanical Special Reserve. This area is one of the rare habitats of the insectivorous Sundew plant, the only species of this genus that grows in Croatia. In Moor also three fungal species were found that were discovered so far nowhere else than in this area of Croatia. But due to lack of active conservation measures, the bog has decreased and is the stage transforming into a forest of black alder (Alnus glutinosa) and black alder (Frangula alnus) almost completely disappeared. In 2001, the Croatian Mycological Society has begun a revitalization process. In two years, significant results were seen, ie an extension of peat moss over the entire surface of the bog, and a tenfold increase in the number of Rundblättrigem sundew. The most important part of maintenance is the regular mowing in June and October and avoiding any movement across the moor, if it does not serve the mowing or for scientific research. To this end, a wooden platform was built in 2006, from which one can observe the Moor.

The Round-leaved sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) is a plant that grows in transitional bogs, in a community of the White Beak Ried, in whatever varieties of peat moss can be found. This is an insectivorous, perennial, 5-12 cm tall herbaceous plant. The upper side of the leaf is covered with reddish glandular hairs, which are up to 3 mm long and at the top of a sticky secretion omit (for catching insects). Your life after the plant is a hermaphrodite. It flowers from June to August. The lack of nitrogen from the soil they replaced by the catching insects with their sticky tentacles, which they umbindet all the loot with the sheet. In some parts of Europe it is used in folk medicine.

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