Brdovec, Dubravica, Marija Gorica Schönheit und Pracht der Schlösser

Gemeinde Marija Gorica

The municipality of Marija Gorica is located in the northwestern part of the Zagreb County. The territory is mostly hilly. The small part of the lowlands of the municipality on the west side leads to the river Sutla, which is also the border between Croatia and Slovenia. On the southeast side of the town borders the municipality Brdovec, northeast of the town Pušća and north to the community Dubravica. The highest geographical points of the whole area are the mountain Kipišće with a height of 312 m above sea level. NHN and the mountain Lipa with an altitude of 297 m above sea level. NHN. Also important is the mountain Sveti Kriz with a height of 310 m above sea level. NHN, the so-called. Observation tower of Sveti Kriz. To the east is dominated by the imposing presence of Mount Medvednica, while in the north the view extends up to Macelj Mountains. Let us turn to the west, stretches before us, the Slovenian valley of the rivers Sava and Sutla and the city Brežice, Krško and the Slovenian mountains, the view to the snowy peaks of the Alps ranges. The municipality has a road and railway connections with the city of Zagreb, from which it is only 26 km away.


Church of the Visitation of Mary-

Parish Church of the Visitation

Parish Church of the Visitation – With the arrival of the Franciscans of the Franciscan Province of Bosnia and Croatia to place Svete Gorica (later Marija Gorica), the church was in Marija Gorica together with the monastery in 1517 – built in 1527. She was dedicated to St.. Simon Peter. Beginning of the 17th century, the Franciscans. Effort to make the Church in Svete Gorice a place of pilgrimage, because in it the will Visitation worshiped, because of the miraculous statue of Our Lady, the gift of the monastery church of the bishop, who has fled from Bosnia, has. The Franciscans to this end have been renovated in 1616 and expanded the monastery, but it was only in 1682, by the consecration of the bishop of Zagreb Martin Borković, they changed its patron saint. At this time, the place name is changed and renamed the new name of the Church in Marija Gorica.

The construction of the new monastery began in 1733 and the new Baroque church was in 1754 – built in 1758. The interior of the church was to 1761 already designed and furnished. According to the book „Mjestopis“ (topography) of the Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac the new municipality of Marija Gorica was founded in 1789 and the Franciscans were further forty years here, to the dilapidated monastery was destroyed in a fire. The new rectory was built in 1837.

Sveti Kriz (Brdovečki) – Archaeological site in the village of Sveti Kriz Brdovečki. Archaeological research has confirmed that v in the older pre-Roman Iron Age, around 700. Ch., A settlement stood on the site of today’s Holy Cross church and the cemetery in the form of a castle wall. Numerous pottery fragments various household ware and traces of apartments as well as a skeleton grave were found, in which the deceased was with his horse and all the equipment he wore during his lifetime, buried. Such a grave is called prince grave.

Prominent persons

The greatest writer of Croatian realism Ante Kovacic was born in 1854 in Oplaznik. Among his most important works: Baruničina ljubav, fiscal, Izabrane pjesme, Sabrane pripovijesti, U registraturi and stories, verses, feature pages and articles, songs, and others. In his birthplace Oplaznik is the house on which a commemorative plaque in honor of the centenary of the birth of the writer was attached.

Ivan Pernar was born on the territory of the municipality. He was a member of the Croatian Peasant Party HSS and was wounded in the attack in the National Assembly in Belgrade, together with Stjepan Radić and others.


Urelefant from Marija Gorica – the coat of arms of the municipality of Marija Gorica is decorated with a strange creature, the Urelefant, scientifically the form Deinotherium giganteum KAUP assigned.
findings of various strange discoveries mark the history of many European cities, and the discovery of fossilized bones, tusks or horns created different legends about the beginning and the origin of many places. The scientific interpretation of such fossils, paleontology has collected as a scientific discipline, with just European discoveries of the genus Deinotherium have created a myth about these mysterious and fearsome mammals from the geological history.

The first discovery of Urelefanten Deinotherium in Croatia was just made in Marija Gorica. Here at the beginning 20th century were found in the presence of the chaplain and teacher J. G. Habek Župan fossil residues of this gigantic animal. Six teeth were found, three of the top and three in the lower jaw and some can not be broken bones and a tooth of the lower jaw of a Rhinocerus- rhino.

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