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Through the Samobor environs along the right bank of the Sava River

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Bicycle route: Samobor – Bregana – Samoborski Otok – Savršćak – Medsave – Jezero Orešje – Strmec – Domaslovec – Samobor
Route length: 31 km
Riding time: 2 hours
Total ascent: 80 m
Lowest altitude on the route: 140 m
Highest altitude on the route: 180 m
Route information: round trip route along the right bank of the Sava River, combined asphalt paved and gravel surfaces. The route is not marked with markings for cyclists.

Route starting point: Samobor

1 The bicycle route starts in the centre of Samobor, the best-known urban tourism destination in Zagreb County. After you finish preparations and once again examine the entire route over a drink in one of the lively bistros on the banks of the Gradna River, start along the parish Church of St. Anastasia, the patron saint of the town of Samobor. Head across Samobor’s romantic main square, Kralja Tomislava Square, next to the Livadić Hotel, and then along Lj. Gaja Street to the roundabout at which you turn left and pass by the Samobor Medical Centre to the intersection of M. Krleže Street and Šmidhenova Street. Continue right along Šmidhenova Street in the direction of Bregana. On the way to Bregana, Šmidhenova Street changes its name to Josipa Jelačića Street and then Bistrac. There is an intersection 4.0 km from the starting point where you continue straight on (or turn left to go to Otruševac and Grgosova Špilja). At the intersection 2 in Bregana at the 5.3 km mark on the route turn right. 3 The Bregana international border crossing is visible to your left from the overpass. 4 Soon you will enter Samoborski Otok and follow the main road past the Dva Ribiča Restaurant at the 8.2 km mark of the route. Continue through Samoborski Otok and past the Chapel of St. Nicholas to the next intersection 5 (9.6 km) at which you turn left. Continue riding in the direction of the settlement of Savrščak. A gravel road begins at the 10.5 km mark from the start. Turn left at the next intersection, and quickly thereafter, turn right.

After riding 11 km you will arrive at the Gradna River over which you will pass on the new concrete bridge to enter the settlement of Savrščak. At the intersection 6 (12 km) turn left in the direction of the settlement of Medsave. The gravel road ends here and you continue on a paved asphalt road. The route is approaching the Sava River and after 14.3 km from Samobor you will arrive at the ferry jetty in Medsave. If you wish, you can take the ferry to cross over to the left bank and the Zaprešić region A. The bicycle route continues on in the direction of Lake Orešje. This area is covered by the bicycle routes of the City of Sveta Nedelja, so you need only follow the existing road signs. The route continues as a gravel road soon after the ferry crossing.

After the 17.3 km mark you are next to Lake Strmec, the area of which is home to the Sava-Strmec Ornithological Reserve, and after the 17.7 km mark on the embankment of the Rakovica River continue straight to the football pitch. At the intersection 7 (18.2 km) next to the pitch, turn left and continue on the paved road, and then by the gravel road to Lake Orešje. On the way you will pass along the embankment and the Jastreb Hunting Lodge and at the 20 km mark from the start arrive at Lake Orešje. Continue along the western side of the lake to the sports grounds and exit onto the road to Samobor. At the intersection 8 (21.5 km), turn right towards Samobor. There is a bus station here, the former Samoborček railway line station. The route continues on by the customary Zagreb – Samobor bicycle route. Continue on through the settlements of Strmec, Domaslovec and Hrastina. After the 30 km mark you will arrive in Samobor at the intersection of Zagrebačka Street and Grada Wirgesa Street. Continue straight to the centre of Samobor where this bicycle route ends.

Technical description

  1. Start of the route in the centre of Samobor. Parking is available at the movie theatre on Matice Hrvatske Square in Samobor.
  2. The intersection in Bregana at the bus station, turn right. Caution! This part of the road has heavier traffic right up to the overpass.
  3. The overpass between Bregana and Samoborski Otok.
  4. Samoborski Otok. Continue towards Savrščak.
  5. T intersection at which you turn left.
  6. T intersection at which you turn left in the direction of the settlement of Medsave.
  7. T intersection next to a grass field, turn left.
  8. T intersection next to the bus station, turn right.
  9. Caution! Intersection and crossing over the main road, Grada Wirgesa Street. Continue straight to the centre of Samobor and the starting point of the route.

Cultural, historical, ethnological and natural points of interest

  • Samobor Museum, Livadićeva St. 7, tel. 01/3361-014, founded in 1948, has naturalist, geological, archaeological, ethnographic, cultural and historical collections. Take a look at the 1877 velocipede by Mirko Kleščić, then president of the Samobor Bicycle Association, driven by its owner to Trieste in 1887.
  • Marton Museum, Jurjevska St. 7, tel. 01/3364-160, the first private museum in Croatia, collection of paintings, porcelain, glass and silver objects, furniture and other works of art from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Prica Gallery at the Pučko otvoreno učilište Samobor (Samobor Open University), with paintings of the artist Zlatko Prica, tel. 3360 112, 3360 267,
  • Baroque complex of the Franciscan monastery and the Church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Samobor dating back to 1712 to 1731, with a valuable inventory from the time of its construction. Of special value in the church interior is the magnificent illusionist fresco ‘The Assumption of Mary’ (Uznesenje Marijino) from 1752, the work of F. Jelovšek. Address: Langova St. 18, tel. 3360 810.
  • The parish Church of St. Anastasia, Samobor, first mentioned in 1334.
  • The Samobor Old Town fortress on Tepec hill, built by supporters of the Czech king Otokar around 1270.

Accommodation, hospitality offer, sports and recreation

  • Hotel Livadić, Trg kralja Tomislava 1, Samobor, tel. 3365 850, 3365 851,
  • Hotel Lavica, Livadićeva 5, Samobor, tel. 3324 946,
  • Pansion Golubić, Obrtnička 12, Samobor, tel. 3360 937
  • Hostel Samobor, Obrtnička 34, Samobor, 3374 107, 091/3323 091,

Service information

  • Sava River Ferry, Zaprešić – Medsave, ferryman Ivan Vrančić, tel. 091/3599 928, working hours 6 am to 6 pm
  • Samobor Tourism Board, Trg kralja Tomislava 5, tel. 3360 044, 3360 050,
  • Zaprešić Tourism Board, Trg žrtava fašizma 9, tel. 3310 309,
  • Instruktor bike shop and repair, Ljudevita Gaja St. 35, Samobor, tel. 3323 491
  • Bregana border police, Samoborska St. 12, tel. 3375 305
  • Samobor Police Station, Trg kralja Tomislava 6, tel. 3361 555
  • Samobor Medical Centre, Gajeva St. 37, tel. 3330 708, 3330 700
  • Zagrebačka Bank ATMs in Samobor: Langova St. 9, Šmidhenova St. 1, Beber – Svetonedeljska St. 13
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