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The hills and valleys of the Zaprešić region and Sava River

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Bicycle route: Zaprešić – Javorje – Prudnice – Marija Gorica
Route length: 29 km
Riding time: 2 hours
Total ascent: 200 m
Lowest altitude on the route: 130 m
Highest altitude on the route: 270 m
Route information: round trip route through the Zaprešić area, combined asphalt paved and gravel surfaces. The route is not marked with markings for cyclists.

Route starting point: Novi Dvori Park, Zaprešić

The bicycle route starts at the Novi Dvori park complex 1 at the neo-Gothic Jelačić family tomb. Continue your ride along the main alley towards the Matija Skurjeni Museum and onwards along Bana J. Jelačića Street. You will quickly arrive at the intersection with Matije Skurjenija Street. At the intersection, turn right and ride to Mokrička Street into which you turn left following the street, which continues on as Obrubići Street. At the intersection 2 with Savska Street (next to St. John’s Chapel), turn right towards the railway line. Soon afterwards you will cross the railway line and embankment and at the first intersection (3.2 km), turn right onto the gravel road. Turning off onto route A will take you to the ferry over the Sava River, which you can cross to the right bank of the Sava River and continue your ride on the Samobor area route.

Our route quickly brings you to the south side of the water pumping station where we continue along the fence to the next intersection, at which you turn right and continue on northwards. To your right side is the fence of the water pumping station. Continue on to the railway line, where you will turn left and ride on a good gravel road. Follow the railway line the entire time up to the Brdovec railway station.

At the 6.3 km mark 3 from the start, you find yourself beside the Brdovec railway station. Turn left into Savska Street, then turn right into Pavla Belasa Street at the next intersection. The bicycle route continues on past St. Barbara’s Chapel through to Savski Marof. After 9.5 km, 4 you will be next to the Savski Marof railway station. Exercise caution in crossing the railway line and head north towards Januševec Palace, now home to the Croatian National Archive.

On the main road from Brdovec to Šenkovec, at the 10.5 km mark, you will arrive at an intersection at which you will first turn right, and quickly thereafter left 5 and continue on along Januševec Palace. You will need to climb three uphill sections on the way to Marija Gorica, very nicely spaced on the route with sufficient time for a little breather. 6 At Marija Gorica, at the 16 km mark of the route, in the hometown of writer Ante Kovačić, we suggest you take a break and some refreshment at the Ladanjski Raj Inn, which features local specialities, to the right on an elevation alongside the road and with a stunning view of the entire region. Here you can see the treasured Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. By turning off onto route B, you can reach the settlement of Kraj Donji – which has a nice manor house in the tourism zone and is also the site of the state border crossing. 7 From Vidikovac Street to you the view shoots out over the hilly landscape of Marija Gorica, the Sutla River valley and the neighbouring Slovenian villages. At the intersection with the secondary road you will cross, there is a crucifix – continue straight over the road and then, after 50 m, turn right on a steep incline towards the chapel at Marija Magdalena. 8 At the highest altitude and the 19.5 km point on the route, reward yourself with a well-deserved break and enjoy the stunning view to all sides. Breathe in the beauty of the Marija Gorica, Dubravica and Pušća region! As you continue on your ride, be cautious of the steep downhill slope followed by a sharp left turn, and then go straight through the valley. 9 At the intersection to the left side of the road is the Tri Platane Inn. At the 22.8 km mark is turnoff C, to the left and slightly uphill next to the shrine, we suggest you see the parish Church of St. George and the Chapel of Our Lady of Čislav in Donja Pušća. Both sacral buildings, situated high on an elevation above the municipal hub, give the place and the Pušća region a particular charm and very recognisable vista. Returning to the Pušća – Zaprešić main road, continue straight towards Zaprešić. At the 26 km mark of the route, you will arrive at an intersection 10 where you will take care when turning right. After point 10, be aware of the significant increase in traffic. Soon you will pass the Trajbar Team Equestrian Club and continue on to the next intersection (roundabout) where you will, exercising caution, continue straight. Soon after the intersection, the route runs left over the main road to the beautiful Novi Dvori Jelačićevi woodland park complex. Continue on alongside the golf club, back to the starting point of this bicycle route.

Technical description of the route

  1. The route starts at Novi Dvori Park.
  2. Intersection of Obrubići Street and Savska Street, turn right.
  3. Intersection next to the Brdovec railway station, turn left.
  4. Savski Marof railway station.
  5. Januševec Palace. Turn left at the castle on the road going uphill towards Marija Gorica.
  6. At the intersection in Marija Gorica turn right into the road towards Marija Magdalena. This is the intersection of the Red and Blue bicycle routes.
  7. At the intersection next to the Chapel of Our Unwavering Lady (Majke Božje Stalne), turn left off the main road into Vidikovac Street. This is the intersection of the Red, Blue and Brown bicycle routes.
  8. Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene. View point (260 m – the highest altitude on the route).
  9. Caution! The intersection with the main road from Dubravica to Donja Pušća – this road may have heavier traffic. Turn right towards Donja Pušća. This is the intersection of the Red and Brown bicycle routes.
  10. Caution! Heavier vehicle traffic on the Veliko Trgovišće – Pojatno – Zaprešić main road. At the intersection with the main road, turn right towards the centre of Zaprešić.

Cultural, historical, ethnological and natural points of interest

  • Januševec Palace, Prigorje Brdovečko, the most stunning Classicist castle in Croatia. It was commission in 1828 by General Vrkljan, with the construction likely entrusted to Bartol Felbinger, our greatest Classicist architect. The castle is now home to a part of the materials of the Croatian National Archive.
  • Brdovec Heritage Museum, Ilije Gregorića 13, Prigorje Brdovečko, tel. 3310 288, with a permanent heritage exhibition.
  • The parish Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Marija Gorica, a highest category heritage site, erected in 1517 within the Franciscan monastery built during the same period. The monastery was demolished (1789) following the partial suppression of the Franciscan order in the 18th century, with a new church erected a little before 1754 by master builder Matija Leonhart. The preserved inventory is very valuable: a 1757 Gothic sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the marble main altar (very rare in northern Croatia) by Italian master Francesco Benso, a stone pulpit, etc. The original organ has been preserved with all of its parts and is a rare example of an artistically and historically valuable instrument in northern Croatia. They are signed as the work of I. J. Eisl in 1759. It is contained in a colossal housing, with the original paint preserved, of exceptional artistic value. Along with the specimens in Lepoglava and Čazma, this specimen represents the highest achievement in Croatian organ making in the 18th century. Tel. at the parish house: 3395 848.
  • Church of St. George, Donja Pušća, situated on a plateau above the settlement, erected in the 18th century and renovated in the 19th. The inventory is from the period of its construction. The parish is mentioned in the year 1209. Information: the nearby parish house.
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Čislav, Donja Pušća, on the hilltop above the parish church, erected in the 18th to 19th centuries in the Baroque Classicist style. Holds a very valuable Baroque inventory and an altar from 1772.
  • The Kraljice Mira Gallery, Školska 7, Pušća, tel. 3355 016.
  • The Novi Dvori Jelačićevi complex, Zaprešić, woodland park on a 20.5 ha estate, includes: neo-Gothic tomb (mausoleum) by architect Herman Bollé, St. Joseph’s Chapel, a highest category heritage site, palace and outbuildings and the Matija Skurjeni Museum. There is also a new golf driving range and golf club.
  • Matija Skurjeni Museum, Aleja Đure Jelačića 8, Zaprešić, tel. 3310 540,, permanent exhibit of paintings, drawings and graphic art by naïve artist Skurjeni.

Accommodation, hospitality offer, sports and recreation

  • Ladanjski Raj Inn with accommodation, Rajski Put 3, Marija Gorica, tel. 3395 806,
  • Trajbar Team Equestrian Club, Bana J. Jelačića Street 199, Zaprešić, tel. 3310 838,
  • Bistro 4 Srca, Hrastina, A. Kovačića Street 26, tel. 3397 137, 3398 287

Service information

  • Sava River Ferry, Zaprešić – Medsave, ferryman Ivan Vrančić, tel. 091/3599 928, working hours 6 am to 6 pm
  • Zaprešić Tourism Board, Trg žrtava fašizma 9, Zaprešić, tel. 3310 309,
  • Sava and Sutla Rivers Valley & Hills Tourism Board, I. Gregurića 13, Brdovec, tel. 3398 747,
  • MTB cycling shop and repair, J. B. Jelačića St. 5, Zaprešić, tel. 5602 200
  • Bregana Border Police, Samoborska St. 12, tel. 3375 305
  • Zaprešić Police Station, Drage Švajcera bb, tel. 3310 550
  • Zaprešić Medical Centre, Pavla Lončara St. 1, tel. 3310 061
  • Zagrebačka Bank ATM, Prigorje Brdovečko, Sokol Inex, Zagrebačka St. 27
  • Zagrebačka Bank ATMs in Zaprešić: Bana J. Jelačića St. 1, Trg mladosti bb, Trg žrtava fašizma 17
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