Map 10 — Red route

Sv. Ivan Zelina – Donje i Gornje Orešje – Bedenica – Komin – Novo Mjesto – Sveti Ivan Zelina

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This route is intended to lead you through the northernwesternmost part of this region, the hilly, green and lovely municipality of Bedenica, through the at roads of the large valley of Donje Orešje to the very edge of the northeasternmost slopes of the Zelina Mountains (Zelinska gora). This popular road connection has since ancient times been significant for passage and transport between Prigorje and Hrvatsko Zagorje as well as in the defence of the Turkish raids that were common in this area from the second half of the 16th century up to the famous battle at Sisak in 1593. You are sure to enjoy, as this kind of beauty is not easily forgotten and always invites you to return again. The route starts at the main square  1  in Sveti Ivan Zelina in front of the Church of St. John the Baptist, at the parking lot. The route continues with a gentle climb up Bocakova St. past the health clinic and the fire hall (dvd). You will soon leave Bocakova St. and continue along Öegci St. up until the t intersection at point 2 , at the 1.4 km mark from the route starting point. A beautiful view over the entire Zelina region! At the Öegci shooting range, turn right onto Kaniža St. and continue riding downhill. You will soon come onto the gravel section of the route. At the 1.8 km mark, turn right at the y inter­section and continue riding along Kaniža St. Pass by house number 16. From here, a lovely view will open up over the hills covered in vineyards. There is only a hand­ful of such vistas on the route, so be sure to revel in them, as they are truly beau­tiful. You will soon come across a y intersection, 2.2 km from the start, where you will see an old wooden house (wine hut). Turn left at the intersection and head downhill. Keep your eye out for this intersection, as it is easy to miss when you are enchanted with the charming landscape and the pleasant downhill section inviting you on. Take care as the gravel road is quite steep and uneven! You will soon come onto a paved road and the intersection 3 of Toplička and Žigrovićeva Streets at the 3.3 km mark of the route. Turn left here and continue along Žigrovićeva St. After the intersection at the end of the climb, we invite you to take an adventure and extend the route by turning left onto turnoff a to the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. The view of vineyards and wooden huts stretch­­ing out as far as the eye can see is so magical that it would be a true shame to miss out on such an experience, though it requires a little more effort to climb up to the viewing point – the plateau by the chapel. The vistas are most impressive in the early spring when the colour green oods the entire area and in the autumn when the leaves in the vineyards change colour. While returning from the chapel, be sure to drive slowly and carefully on the downhill sections, as the road is quite narrow and the visibility is limited! The red route continues along the paved road towards Donje Orešje all the way to the intersection with Bistrička St. 4 . Here continue straight along Bistrička St. Take caution at the intersection, as you are coming onto a busier street. The route leads on through the valley of Donje Orešje, through the villages on a pleasant road with easy uphill and downhill sections, though caution is still required. In Gornje Orešje, situ­ated at the 9.8 km mark from the route starting point, there is a shop and a cafe where you can stop if needed and take a rest or stock up for the hilly sections of the route that follow. Soon after Gornje Orešje, you will begin to climb uphill and come across several serpentine turns. You will see two important intersections! At the first, the road to the left leads towards Marija Bistrica. If you push on another 500 m and turn left uphill at the turn, you will see the Chapel of the Mourning Mother of God in Prepolno, which is also a good spot for a short break. The rich Baroque inventory kept here can only be viewed during mass, on feast days or upon appointment with the Bedenica parish. From here, take the road back down to the intersection and continue towards Konjščina to the right to the second intersection at point  5 . Here, at the 10.5 km mark of the route, at the y intersection turn to the right uphill off the main road onto the smaller road and continue riding uphill. The road you’ve turn off would take you straight downhill towards Konjščina. It can easily be said that you’ve turned right onto “heaven’s path”, one of the most idyllic parts of all the county routes, with magnificent views that will long be remembered. In the distance, you can see Mt. Ivanščica to the north, Mt. Kalnik to the east, Mt. Medvednica to the southeast and neighbouring Slo­ve­nia to the northwest. You are now riding through the Otrčkovec area along the ridge road past picturesque vineyards and wine huts, and many weekend homes owned by residents from the neighbouring Krapina–Zagorje County, as seen by the car registra­tion plates (kr for the town of Krapina). The area you are passing through is about 42 km from Zagreb in the poorly inhabited municipality of Bedenica where trade and indus­try have not developed markedly and which has retained its agricultural character to date. On the pleasant, long downhill section, you will pass by the “Fazan” hunting lodge on your left and continue riding downhill towards the centre of Bedenica. You will soon come across an intersection  6   . The red route continues with a right turn at the intersection, however, it would be a shame not to proceed straight downhill another 200 metres to enjoy the rural character of Bedenica and not visit the impressive parish Church of All Saints, a strong medieval church-fortress. Take a rest by the church or view the lovely interior. To continue on the red route, head back to the y intersection and point 6 at the 14 km mark from the route starting point, turn left and continue riding in the direction of Omamno. In Omamno, turn right at the inter­section with the fire hall (dvd Omamno) 7 and continue riding over the hills past the fragrant meadows. After you overcome yet another steep but short climb, you will descend slowly towards Zadrkovec and continue in the direction of Komin. After Zadrkovec, the route continues on a road through the valley bounded by hills and sur­rounded by pastures and fields. The Church of the Epiphany in Komin will become visible to the left. At the 20 km mark, you will come upon a t intersection 8 where you will turn left and ride to the Church of the Epiphany. Near the intersection on the old Varaždin road is the restaurant “Ton­ček” where you can stop for refreshments. From the main road towards Bedenica, turn right uphill towards the church and then again right and you will soon come to a large plateau – the viewing point from one of Croatia’s loveliest and most precious baroque churches. The view from here is spectacular. If you wish to view the magnifi­cent church interior or to make yourself sure of the peasant Bolto Prevarek and the story about the votive chapel, you will have to make an appointment beforehand with the kind bell-ringer from the Dužaić family who live near the church. From the church, continue to the right downhill towards the centre of Komin. Take care while crossing the old Varaždin road, and continue in the direction of the overpass over the highway by turn­ing right off the road. After the overpass, you will arrive at a t intersection 9 in Gornji Tomaševec, 22.2 km from the start. At the intersection, turn right and continue riding along the road through Keleminovec and Gornje Polonje. The entire ride to Novo Mjesto is pleasant without great effort, with delightful views of the rural areas of the Prigorje region. At the y intersection in Donje Polonje turn left, this is the crossing point of the blue and red routes. Continue riding towards Novo Mjesto. At the t intersection in Novo Mjesto, 10 28 km from the route starting point, turn right and continue riding past the sec­ond oldest sacral structure in the county, the late Roman­esque Chapel of St. Peter (13th century) on the right. After Novo Mjesto, cross over the overpass and turn left in the direction of Marinovec Zelinski at the t intersection with the crucifix, 30.6 km from the route starting point. Caution, you are turning onto a busy road! It is recom­mended that you ride on the sidewalk on the right hand side after the intersection, as you will soon come to the restaurant-pizzeria 4M and the next intersection 11 were you will turn right uphill. One more climb on another Zelina hill awaits you before the end of the route. Here, the view over the centre of Zelina and the entire route you’ve just passed will open up before you. At the end of the very steep climb, turn left along the ridge road at the intersection. You will soon come to a short gravel section, take care on the downhill section! At the end of the gravel section is a y intersection, turn left onto Prigorska St. and continue riding next to the house no. 12. At the next inter­section, turn left onto Vatro­gasna St., and afterwards onto G. Krkleca St. which ends at the inter­section with Gajeva St. At the intersection turn right and con­tinue along Gajeva St. to­wards the centre of Sv. I. Zelina. Before you is the view of the impressive bell-tower of the Church of St. John the Baptist, the starting point of this route. The ride ends after 33 km in the centre of Zelina. Take a rest and find refresh­ment before leaving satis­fied for home, as this route was pleasant for both the eyes and the soul and great for the body. We recommend you to stop in an authentic Prigorje restaurant “Ljubekov gaj”, a beautiful panoramic spot and an excellent place to eat.

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