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Dugo Selo – Prozorje – Martin Breg – Dugo Selo

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A short, but very picturesque urban route through the very centre and the most attractive hill in the Dugo Selo region, Martin Breg. This route leads you right into the heart of the Dugo Selo vineyards, to weekend settlements on Martin Breg, and to the remnants of the oldest monument paying homage to St. Martin in this region. Today, this is the location of Croatia’s first site in the European cultural route “The Footsteps of St. Martin” ( The route leads you through picturesque roads with less traffic, a combination of asphalt and gravel, in order to ensure a safe and interesting way to become better acquainted with the Dugo Selo region. The ride begins in the centre of Dugo Selo 1 near the Dugo Selo railway station. If you need a parking place, the closest parking lot is on Sajmišna Street. At the start of this meeting with Dugo Selo, we present the railway station, which is the fastest and safest way for travellers and excursioners from Zagreb to reach the centre of Dugo Selo, via Sesvete. The railway station itself is significant, as Dugo Selo has been one of the most impor­tant railway hubs in northwestern Croatia since the end of the 19th century. The first train passed through Dugo Selo on 4 January 1870, when the Zagreb – Koprivnica rail line was put into function. The Dugo Selo – Novska rail line opened on 29 November 1897. The new railway station building was constructed in 1957, after the original building was bombed in 1941. Take the opportunity to collect your thoughts about the “land of St. Martin” over a beverage at the café “Stari krovovi” at Kolodvorska 40, before or after the ride. In the summer months, the café terrace offers deep and pleasant shade. From Kolodvorska St., turn right 2 onto Sajmišna St., and from here turn left onto Oborovska St. This street will lead you to the main road through Dugo Selo, Josipa Zorića St. Take caution in crossing the road due to heavy traffic! If you look to the right, you will see the bell tower of the parish Church of St. Martin from 1900, the work of Herman Bollé. This church is often called the “little cathedral” due to its similarities with the Zagreb cathedral, though in much smaller dimensions. Cross the road at the crosswalk 3 and turn right onto Marije Jurić Zagorke St. On this street you will find the Cork Pub (Marije J. Zagorke 55), a popular meeting place for Dugo Selo bicyclists. To your left is the Dugo Selo Health Clinic and the preschool complex on Ivane Brlić Mažuranić Park. At the intersection, turn right onto Dragutina Domjanića St., a very quiet street with a series of family homes and gardens. On this street, there is the Uno cafe (D. Domjanića 21), suitable for taking a break. From D. Domjanića St. 4 , turn left onto Šaškovečka St., the start of a light climb. Šaškovečka St. leads directly to the Bunčić family klet (restaurant) and to Martin Breg. However, we have opted for a less busy and more picturesque variation of the climb. From point 5 from Šaškovečka St., turn right onto Vrbovečka St., where the gravel road begins. The street turns slightly to the left, where you will enter onto Rožarija St. A gravel descent follows, take caution. From Rožarija St, turn left onto Žumberački put. Both sides of the road offer a lovely view over the surrounding areas, with many orchards, vineyards and old, wooden houses. Some have been rebuilt and renovated, while others are completely new. If you have friends here, among the Dugo Selo wine-makers, perhaps you will have the fortune of tasting the Zeleni Silva­nac, Rhine Riesling, Sauvingon, Traminac (Gewurztraminer), Pinot noir or a refreshing blend of sorts. To the left is a beautiful view of the Bunčić family klet restaurant, offering local homestyle specialties and wines from the Dugo Selo region. You will also see the old Church of St. Martin, dating back to 1209, at the very top of the Martin Breg. Today the church is in ruins. On the right of the ridge you are riding along, you will see the towers of two churches in Kloštar Ivanić and the building of the Božjakovina wine cellar on the top of the next hill. At the end of the gravel road, turn right onto Martinska St., and then at point 6, turn left onto Grgošićeva St. and head downhill towards Prozorje. To the right, the village of Kozinščak lies on the gentle slopes. While riding downhill, you will see the belltower of the Church of St. Brice in nearby Brckovljani before you in the distance. On the downhill stretch, there is a turnoff to the right (road with a ramp) that heads for the Dugo Selo hunting lodge (with the domestic and foreign trophies of Dr. Boško Milojević on display). At the intersection 7 turn right from Grgošićeva St. onto Prozorska St. Ahead you will have a lovely view of the ridge of Mt. Medvednica, from the very west over the tallest peak Sljeme towards the eastern slopes. At the intersection 8 from Prozorska St., turn left onto Graberska St. This is also the beginning of a strong, constant climb on Martin Breg, alongside a series of weekend houses in the Graberska Forest. At the end of the climb 9, turn left onto Martinska St. Right ahead you will have a view of the tower of the old Church of St. Martin, today in ruins. This is the loveliest viewing point in the Dugo Selo region. Take a rest and reward yourself with a short break at the viewing point on St. Martin Square. View the newly installed “Footsteps of St. Martin”. On the square, you will see the wooden statue of the patron saint of the Dugo Selo region, the work of sculptor Josip Cikač (erected in 1995). On the right hand side of the road at the intersection 10 s the Tourism House and the vineyard of the Dugo Selo Tourist Board. Before continuing along Šaškovečka St., stop and take a look at the old cemetery on Martin Breg, where you can see the tomb of the family of the Drašković counts and the tombstone of Josip Zorić, long-time parish priest, writer, patriot and teacher in Dugo Selo (from 1865 at the proposal of Count Drašković). The main street in Dugo Selo bears his name. After passing the Chapel of the Wounded Christ, restored in 1998, and the Bunčić family klet restaurant and excursion area, suitable for a break and some refreshment and for the lovely viewing point over the entire area, turn right onto the gravel on Vincelerska St. Take caution while riding downhill along the gravel road. On the right hand side of the road, you will see the large ame from the Naftaplin plant. Natural gas has been exploited here since 1957, on about 10 hectares of land on Martin Breg. At the inter­section 11 continue riding straight along the gravel road Stjepana Ferenčaka St., which leads gently downhill. At the complex of the Dugo Selo secondary school and the new sports hall on the right hand side of the road, you will again be on an asphalt road. At the intersection of S. Ferenčaka St. and Sportska St., continue riding straight towards the centre of town. You will again be on a short gravel stretch of road. At the intersection of S. Ferenčaka and Josipa Zorića Streets 12 continue to the right across the pedestrian crosswalk. Take caution as this is a busy road. Turn right onto Josipa Predavca St. in the direction of Oborovo and Rugvica. Ride to the intersection right before the railway station 13 and turn left onto Matije Gupca St., or back to the starting point of this short, though beautiful and some­what recreational urban ride. We are sure that you have discovered many new details you did not previously know about the Dugo Selo area.

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