Map 12 — Light red route

Dubrava – Nova and Stara Kapela – Brezine – Farkaševac – Dubrava

Preuzmite kartu

This route will lead you through the small and peaceful settlements in the easternmost part of Zagreb County, the forested area of the Dubrava and Farkaševac municipalities, known for their wealth of diverse ora and fauna, forest reserves and hunting grounds. Among the famous people of this area, the entire family of Branka Pereglin has been on the hunt for world medals. She is a member of the Croatian National Shooting Team and four-time world champion in field crossbow and one of the world’s best ever crossbow shooters. She was born in Zagorje, lives in Dubrava and is a member of the Dubrava 1094 Shooting Club.

The route begins in the centre of Dubrava at the parking lot  1  next to the bus station. Head down Zagrebačka Street northwards, past the cemetery with the Chapel of St. Martin (from 1679) on the hill next to the road, and you will soon come to a y inter­section  2    . Here turn right onto Kalnička Street. You will soon enter into the village of Žukovec. After Žukovec, the route enters into the forest, and you will reach a y intersection  3, at the 4.3 km mark of the route; here continue to the right in the direction of Habjanovac. Ride along the road through the Brezik forest. When you enter into Habjanovac, you will pass by the Zrno Eco-Estate, at Habjanovac 45. In the hilly, idyllic village of Habjanovac, there are several restored traditional houses and weekend houses. After passing the Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity, and passing the last houses in the village, you will reach the intersection  4, at the 8.1 km mark, in the Bukovac forest. Be cautious while turning left towards Nova Kapela. At the intersection, the road straight ahead is on the green route and leads towards Gornji Vukšinac, and can be an option to this route if you prefer to take a smaller, circular bicycle route all the way to Dubrava along the green route. At the 10 km mark, you will be in the village of Nova Kapela. This place is known for the famous motorcyclist, the late Vilko Sever (died 10 June 2003), who was born here in 1928. In addition to a successful business career, he was also a national champion in street motorcycling, founder of the Croatian Auto and Motor Sporting Association and constructed and produced motorcycles in the 80 cc class for road races. This is on display in the small, but lovely, private Sever Motor Museum. The Sever family also owns the only motor-run mill in the village. At the intersection in the centre of Nova Kapela  5 , turn right. You will pass by that mill on this road to the left; continue in the direction of Stara Kapela. At the y inter­section 6 , at the 12 km mark, be careful while making a left-hand turn and entering into Stara Kapela. At the y intersection with the chapel   7 , turn left and continue riding along the picturesque, narrow road through the village. Pass by the Paracelzius Health Clinic. After the 14.2 km mark, you will begin riding along a wide dirt road that will bring you to the road Haganj-Žabnica. On rainy days, this part of the route can be muddy and ooded. After the dirt road, at the t intersection  8  in Žabnica, turn right and continue riding towards Zvonik. In Žabnica, pass by the small chapel and crucifix, and after the 18.6 km mark, you will reach the t intersection  9  in Zvonik. Turn left here; the road to the right leads in the direction of Farkaševac. After the turn, you will be riding along a road surrounded by wheat fields and forests. You will soon come to the next t intersection    10  , at the 19.3 km mark; turn right here in the direction of Mački. In this area, you can often see the words “racak” and “raca” painted on the houses, publicly announcing the birth of a male or female child, respectively, into the family. You can also come across dairy trucks on the rounds collecting milk from the local farms. After Mački, you will enter into the settlement Brezine. At the y intersection    11, at the 22.2 km mark, turn right in the direction of Bolč. In the centre of Brezine is the crucifix of the Most Sacred Heart of Mary from 1917. After completing 24.2 km of the route, you will enter into Veliki Bolč     12, the café across the street from the abandoned Church of Michael the Archangel and Gabriel is a suitable place for rest and refreshment. After a rest, continue riding towards the south through the villages of Srednji Bolč and Mali Bolč. Before entering into Donji Markovac, you will pass by the Aršenovac hunting lodge, the Öesma Forestry District office, and soon afterwards, enter into the village of Kabal. The village is dominated by two well kept chapels, diagonally situated at the intersection   13  , at the 32.4 km mark. One is consecrated to Christ the King. At the intersection, the route continues right towards Farkaševac, while to the left is turnoff d   (4.7 km one way) towards the Sišćani fish pond. If at the intersection 13 you con­tinue along the red route by turning right, you will soon enter into the centre of the Farkaševac municipality. The municipal center of Farkaševac is dominated by the Church of the Dispersion of the Apostles, and is a suitable place for finding rest and refreshment. From Farkaševac, continue riding westwards along the paved road to the t intersection 15, at the 36 km mark, where you will turn left in the direction of Ivan­čani and Donji Vukšinac. Pass through Ivančani and continue towards Donji Vukšinac, a lovely view of the Vukšinac fish pond will open up on the left hand side of the road. A short climb ensues just before entering into the centre of Gornji Vukšinac. At the t intersection, at the 41.2 km mark, continue straight through Gornji Vukšinac, and then through Kunđevac and Novaki to the t intersection at the 45.5 km mark of the route. Here turn right onto Sajmišna Street, and return back to the centre of Dubrava to the parking lot next to the bus station, where this route began.

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