Map 13 — Red route

Klinča Sela – Goli Vrh – Repišće – Gornji Desinec – Vlaškovec – Novo Selo Okićko – Sveti Martin pod Okićem – Klinča Sela

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The red bicycle route is very picturesque and attractive, but a somewhat demanding ride considering the large number of steep hills and constant climbs, particularly in the climb up to Repišće, and then on to Vlaškovec and, finally to Novo Selo Okićko, a beautiful viewing point over Zagreb. Those in good shape or those willing to take several breaks at the lovely viewing points are sure to think as we do: that each bit of effort invested in the ride pays off many times over in the panoramic view of the idyllic, rural landscape.

You can park your car in the centre of Klinča Sela 1 at the parking lot next to the Konzum shop, and then head to the traffic light at the intersection of the Old Karlovac Road, and continue along Samoborska Street northwards, towards the village Vujčeci. You will soon pass by the chapel of St. John at the intersection 2 , and at the 1 km mark from the start of the route, turn left in the direction of Tržić. This road offers a fantastic view of Plešivica and the many well kept family houses and lands. Continue riding downhill through the valley, over the two small bridges, and soon you will begin to climb and enter into Tržić. At the y intersection 3 , at the 2.7 km mark from the start of the route, turn left for Goli Vrh along the road that will soon turn into a gravel road. This road will take you gently downhill through the woods, shady in summer and an oasis of peace and quiet. The short gravel section of the road, about 1.2 km in length, quickly ends next to some vacation homes at the edge of the forest. Continue riding past the Chapel of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the centre of Goli Vrh, where you can see several very well preserved traditional houses and courtyards. At the intersection in the village 4 , at the 5.2 km mark from the start of the route, turn right onto the paved road for Repišće. After 700 m of riding, you will reach the next y intersection 5 where you will turn left towards Repišće by following the signs for Kozlikovo-Repišće, while the road to the right has a sign reading Kozlikovo-Beter. The route again begins to climb. To the left of the road is a football field with lights, and several family houses. From here enjoy the lovely view of Plešivica to the left and the medieval fortress Okić-grad to the right. After a climb, you will come up onto the ridge of the hill where you can enjoy the fantastic view over the surroundings. From spring to summer, this part of the route is marked by the wheat fields rich in poppies. At the 9.0 km mark, you will enter into Repišće. On the left hand side, you will pass by the Pri Naceku rural tourism facility, with restaurant and excursion area. You will pass by the parish court in Repišće, constructed in 1981, which is when the Chapel of the Holy Cross was also built there. At the intersection 6 , in the centre of the settlement is a shop and bus station. Turn left here and head downhill towards Stankovo. After a short descent, you will go over a small bridge on the road and then make a short climb to the intersection 7 , at the 10 km mark from the start of the route. Continue along the left road in the direction of Gornji Desinec. Near to the intersection is the blackberry wine tasting facility Brankica Škvorc (Vlaškovec 86). Head downhill along Stankovska Street, towards the south, and pass by the List cafe before entering into the valley of the Orejovec stream. You will soon be entering into Gornji Desinec. At the y intersection 8 , at the 13.4 km mark from the start of the route, turn right from Stankovska onto Livadarska Street. At the intersection 9 of Livadarska and A. Starčevića Street turn right towards the centre of Gornji Desinec, pass by the cemetery and take the left road to enter into the centre. At the 14.6 km mark, you will be on the main square in Gornji Desinec, Trg Sv. Ivana (St. John’s Square), where the Church of St. John the Baptist stands, built in 1891. The church was erected in the neo-Gothic style, and its inventory dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. 10 Continue right along Andrije Novosela Street in the direction of Vlaškovec. Pass by the Desinec wine cellar of the First Plešivica Winemakers Association. At the y intersection 11, at the 15.3 km mark from the start of the route, turn left onto the road alongside the Chapel of St. Vitus. Immediately after the intersection, on the left hand side of the road is the Škoc family winery, and the entry sign for Prhoć. Continue riding along Vinogradarska Street. Pass the y intersection 12 past the Španić family winery on the left. The route continues uphill towards the Vlaškovec ridge road, which offers spectacular views of Plešivica and the wine-growing hills with a multitude of vacation houses and wine huts. At the y intersection 13 , at the 18 km mark from the start of the route, continue right towards the centre of Vlaškovec. On the left, the brown, tourism signs lead for the Plešivica wine road. In Vlaškovec, at the y intersection 14 keep to the left and continue riding towards Orešje Okićko. You will pass by the Franjo Gregorić family winery. You will soon reach a y intersection 15 and keep to the right, riding through Orešje Okićko alongside many lovely weekend homes, and several well preserved, though seemingly abandoned, old, traditional houses. In Orešje Okićko itself, on the downhill section, there is a drinking water spring on the left of the road. The locals and weekend residents recommend drinking its water for replenishment and refreshment. It is easily visible from the road, if you slow down a little on the descent. Continue riding downhill on the route and pass by the Fazan hunting lodge (to the left) and continue in the direction of Stankovo. At the 23 km mark from the start of the route, pass by the cemetery and Chapel of Sts. Fabien and Sebastian which is a recent structure, but with a preserved old altar. You will soon reach a y intersection 7 , that you were at earlier on the red circular route. Once again, turn left for Repišće. In Repišće, turn left again at the intersection 6 and continue on the steep road uphill to Novo Selo Okićko. Ride along the ridge road through the settlement Gonjeva (which also has a water spring just off the road). You will soon enter into Novo Selo Okićko and pass by the parish Church of Holy Mary of Okić. This is also a viewing point that offers a wonderful view of the surroundings, and of the City of Zagreb in the distance. Learn more about this church that is a monument of national significance, the parish and village in the section concerning cultural points of interest along the route. From the church, the road leads gently downhill through the village. On the left hand side of the road is the lovely Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes from 1904. At the y intersection that is still on a strong uphill section, at 26.3 km from the start of the route, turn left in the direction of Gornja Purgarija, while the road to the right heads to Donja Purgarija. After the decent, you will reach the ridge road which is an unbelievable viewing point, as to your left, the ruins of the medieval fortress Okić-grad will appear as if in the palm of your hand and, if you stop and turn around, the view of the undulating Plešivica hills are captivating. Soon after turning left and downhill, you will pass through the village of Kufrini and pass the Chapel of the Heart of Jesus from 1913. A steep descent follows on the road through Gornja Purgarija. Take caution while riding through the village! Continue to the y intersection 16, at the 28.6 km mark, where you will turn left and continue downhill in the direction of Podgrađe Podokićko. After the small bridge, a short uphill climb follows to Podgrađe Podokićko, while at the t intersection you will see the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes. The route turns right here and continues downhill for Dolec Podokićki. You will soon enter into Sveti Martin pod Okićem. Turnoff d takes you along the road from Sveti Martin pod Okićem, along the mountain trails, through Podgrađe and Domovići (there is a large spring at the end of the settlement), past the hamlet of Donji Gorički, and the road to the left leads to the Dr. Maks Plotnikov – Okić mountain lodge (405 m). If you continue along the red route in Sveti Martin pod Okićem, you will cross two small bridges over the Konščica stream, and then past the primary school on the right hand side of the road. At the intersection in the settlement, at the 30.7 km mark from the start of the route, turn right towards Galgovo. The impressive parish Church of St. Martin the Bishop stands on the plateau above the intersection. We highly recommend you pay a visit to the church, as it is a real historical and architectural rarity in this area. The church is 800 years old and has a unique, octagonal tower. The well groomed church grounds further contribute to its beauty. The church is open on weekends for the excursionists and hikers on their way to Okić, and by appointment. There is a shop near the church where it is possible to pick up supplies and refreshment. Refreshment is also available after the steep climb from Sveti Martin pod Okićem to Galgovo at the Veseli Pero buffet. The centre of Galgovo 17 is dominated by the Chapel of St. Rocco which stands on the square of the same name. If needed, we recommend you take a short break and refreshment in Galgovo. At the intersection in Galgovo, turn right in the direction of Konošići. There is not much more riding on this route, which from here is a pleasant road with a constant descent through the lovely, rural landscape of the Zagreb surroundings. In Konošići, continue riding down Bana Josipa Jelačića Street towards Drežnik Podokićki. You will soon pass through Drežnik Podokićki along Drež- nička Street. Continued downhill along the road and you will soon enter into Kozline (to the right of the road). Continue straight down the road all the way to Klinča Sela, where this magnificent, hilly, panoramic circular bicycle route ends. You will be filled with impressions and will want to do it all again! First take a good rest, sort out your thoughts about all that you’ve seen on the route, and get ready to come another time.

Cultural, historical and natural points of interest on or near the route:

  • Stari grad Okić, Klake (see blue route)
  • Chapel of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Goli Vrh – construction of the pres- ent day new chapel began in 2008. The chapel is in the parish of Klinča Sela – Zden- čina, at the same location where a chapel of the same name was mentioned back in 1668.
  • Chapel of Sts. Fabien and Sebastian, Stankovo – first mentioned in the visitation in 1642. This chapel was erected by the residents of the villages Stankovo and Orešje for their salvation from the plague after praying to Sts. Fabien and Sebastian. The chapel was torn down after World War II, and only the bell, several floor tiles and the lovely, old altar were kept. The new chapel was completed and blessed in 1992, and a cemetery added, which was once also at this site.
  • Chapel of St. Matthew, Popov Dol – from 1736, next to the former parish court in the village Popov Dol. Today, the church is being restored by the Conservation Depart- ment of the Croatian Ministry of Culture. In 1911, the village Popov Dol was hard hit by a terrible landslide, and construction of a new village, called Novo Selo Okićko, begun for the victims. This is a unique example of rural urbanisms from the early 20th century in Croatia.
  • Parish of Holy Mary pod Okićem (once called Holy Mary of Okić) is situated on the south-eastern slopes of Plešivica, under the medieval fortress Okić-grad. The parish includes the villages: Beter, Gonjeva, Donja Purgarija and Gornja Purgarija, Kozli- kovo, Okićka Sv. Marija (Novo Selo Okićko), Orešje, Poljanica, Repišće, Stankovo and Tržić, while the settlements of Klinča Sela, Goli Vrh, Zdenčina and Crna Mlaka today belong to the parish of St. Joseph the Worker, seated in Klinča Sela.
  • Parish Church of Holy Mary of Okić, Novo Selo Okićko was mentioned within a walled cemetery in 1622. It was restored during the 17th century. The walkway up to the church was built with stairs and an entrance portal in the walls around the church. The portal is particularly valuable due to the sculpture above the gable: two kneeling angels and a sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary above the noble Erdödy family crest, surrounded on the wall by a painting of angel heads. It was engraved in 1691, and the high quality work indicates the style of Zagreb sculptor Komersteiner. In about 1700, the church had six altars. In 1704, the church was restored, and in 1740 the old Gothic sanctuary was torn down and a new one built. The stone floor, still in place today, was installed together with the pulpit in 1762. The interior of the church was completely restored in 1888–1893 upon the designs of August Posilović, and executed by the painter Ferdo Quiquerez, who painted plant ornaments in intensive colours. The main altar is dedicated to Holy Mary, two side altars to St. Vitus and St. Joseph, and the three Rococo side altars from 1770 to the Holy Cross, St. Anthony and St. Barbara. The pulpit is painted in the Rococo style and depicts Christ the Shepherd, and the painting of Holy Mary of Okić (moved in 1995) is in the same style. The organ is from the late 19th century. The late Renaissance stone, free standing christening font and engraved motive of flower petals and the cross have been preserved. The church was restored in 1987 and has national monumental value. Parish office Repišće, visits by appointment at tel. 01 6294 200.
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes, Novo Selo Okićko (on the left hand side of the road towards Gornja Purgarija), was erected in 1904 at the site of the once larger chapel of the Suffering Christ, which disappeared during the 19th century.
  • Church of St. Martin the Bishop, Sveti Martin pod Okićem – the oldest part of this parish church has a strong polygonal tower which once served as a defensive tower, and likely also as a watchtower. The sanctuary and body of the church are connected to it, in unusual order. The church was thoroughly restored and expanded between 1642 and 1649. An inscription on the consecration of the church from 1649 stands over the southern portal. Some of the sculpting works were carried out by masters brought here by the noble Erdödy family from Kranj, who also created commissioned works for the family estates in Jastrebarsko, Volavje and Plešivica. The unique octagonal bell tower was so well received that it was repeated in virtually all the surrounding churches, examples are: Church of Holy Mary pod Okićem, Franciscan church in Jastrebarsko, Our Lady of Dol in Dol near Krašić, Eastern Rites Catholic Church in Sošice). At the end of the 19th century, the bell tower was given a metal roof. The polygonal chapel of Our Lady of the Snow was added in 1709 to the northern side of the church. The altar of Our Lady of the Snow and the organ were obtained in the second half of the 19th century. This is one of the oldest churches in the Samobor region. Reconstruction works were carried out in the church in 1925, 1938, 1969 and 1976. In the reconstructions, the church lost a large number of valuable furnishings. In the 1970s, the old Historicist altar of St. Martin and side altar of St. Joseph were removed and replaced with new ones, which the sanctuary received a new marble altar. Parish office by appointment and at tel. 01 3382 161.
  • Crna Mlaka Special Ornithological Reserve (Ramsar site) – this wetland covers an area of 625 hectares, and in 1905 the forest was cleared and carp fish ponds built. In the central part of Crna Mlaka is a very lovely park with ornamental trees and shrubs, and the original owner Kornellius Zwilling erected the Ribograd castle in the Viennese Art Nouveau style. The fish ponds attract many birds and, over time, the Crna Mlaka wetland area was proclaimed a flora and fauna reserve. Ornithologists have reported many bird species, with about 98 species tied to the aquatic habitats, and 74 species to the forest habitats. Several protected or rare bird species that can be found here throughout most of the year include: white-tailed sea eagle, lesser spotted eagle, river gulls, black stork, grebes, herons, snipes and several duck species, such as the Ferruginous duck. In 1980, Crna Mlaka was proclaimed a special ornitho- logical reserve and received state protection, and since 1993, it has been on the list of Ramsar Wetland Habitats of International Significance (from 1971). The Ferrugi- nous duck has become a type of trademark of the Crna Mlaka Ornithological Reserve. During the summer and early autumn, this is one of the largest gathering sites of the Ferruginous duck in central Europe. Telephone for contact by appointment: 01 6283 453, 6283 533, fax: 01 6281 682, and the Institute of Orni- thology of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, Zagreb, e-mail:, tel. 01 4825 404, 4825 401.

Accommodation and hospitality facilities on or near the route

(see also blue route):

  • CIBAN – MALEŠIĆEV HIS family farm, Pavlovčani 12c, Jastrebarsko, (accommodation, six double rooms), tel. 098 365 986, 099 514 7622,
  • REŽEK CELLAR (K. Režek), Plešivica 39, Jastrebarsko – (accommodation – five double rooms and one triple room), tel. 01 6294 836, 091 56 46 240,
  • KOLARIĆ family, Plešivičko Hrastje 24, Jastrebarsko – (4-star accommodation: three quad rooms, five triple rooms, seven double rooms and one single room) and Šumski dvor restaurant, Ivančići bb, Gorica Svetojanska, tel. 01 6281 865, 098 9827 245, 098 670 765,
  • ŠPANIĆ FAMILY WINERY, Prhoć 35, Jastrebarsko – (accommodation – rooms 3/2, 4/3, 1/1), tel. 01 6279 069, 098 1689 451,
  • JANA wine cellar, Prodin dol bb, Jastrebarsko – (accommodation – ten double rooms), tel. 01 6287 372, 098 9787 438,
  • IVANÖIĆ restaurant, Plešivica 45, Jastrebarsko, tel. 01 6293 303,
  • KLET POLJANICA excursion site, Plešivička bb, Jastrebarsko, tel. 01 6293 021, 098 717 432
  • PRI NACEKU excursion area and restaurant, Repišće 55, Klinča Sela, tel. 01 6294 271
  • KOC FAMILY WINERY, A. Novosela 10, Gornji Desinec, Jastrebarsko, tel. 01 6279 073
  • FRANJO GREGORIĆ FAMILY WINERY, Vlaškovec 47, Jastrebarsko, tel. 01 6293 205
  • LAGRADI d.o.o. – family VELIKANOVIĆ, Vlaškovec 156, Jastrebarsko, tel. 01 6293 315, 098 381 737,
  • OSLAKOVIĆ farm, Prekrižje Plešivičko 6, tel. 01 6293 118, 098 969 4738,
  • SIROVICA farm, Prekrižje Plešivičko 2, tel. 01 6293 120, 098 593 604

Service information:

  • Jastrebarsko Tourist Board, Strossmayerov trg 4, 10450 Jastrebarsko, tel.: 01 6272 940,
  • Municipality of Klinča Sela, Karlovačka cesta, 10450 Jastrebarsko, tel. 01 6288 028, 6289 899,
  • Parish office of Klinča Sela (St. Joseph the Worker), Kolodvorska 31, tel. 01 6289 260
  • Parish of Holy Mary pod Okićem (Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary) – Parish office Repišće, Repišće 42b, tel. 01 6294 200,
  • Parish office Kupinec (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary), Kupinec 84, tel. 01 6295 005
  • Parish office of St. Martin pod Okićem, Sv. Martin pod Okićem 35, tel. 01 3382 161,
  • Jastrebarsko Health Clinic, Ulica kralja Tomislava 29, Jastrebarsko, tel. 01 6281 282, 6281 504
  • Zdenčina Health Clinic, Matije Gupca bb, Donja Zdenččina, tel. 01 6289 012
  • Jastrebarsko police station, Ivane Brlić Mažuranić 1, Jastrebarsko, tel. 01 6281 033
  • PETROL petrol station, Karlovačka cesta bb, Goli Vrh, tel. 01 6273 253
  • B.N.Z. Trgovina d.o.o. petrol station, Kolodvorska 74, Klinča Sela, tel. 01 6288 269, 6289 821
  • ATM bank machines in Klinča Sela: PBZ (Konzum); Raiffeisen Bank (Centar Pub, Karlovačka 28a); ZABA (Fresh d.o.o., Karlovačka 9)
  • Jastrebarsko Cycling Club, Vile Velebita 2, Jastrebarsko, mob. 098 228 416,
  • Bike Shop & Service “Protea Jaska”, Radnička cesta 27, Jastrebarsko, tel. 01 6272 908,
  • Bađek bicycle service, Kolodvorska 18, Jastrebarsko, tel. 01 6283 043
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