Map 2 — Blue route

Through western Zagorje to the Sutla River valley

Preuzmite kartu

The Municipality of Luka, situated in the far northern part of the foothills area of the Zaprešić region and just 24 km from Zagreb, is making more and more of its natural beauty and agriculture in taking a new, modern approach to drawing visitors oriented to the outdoors, one-day excursions, sports and recreation. The centre of the municipality is dominated by the neo-Gothic Church of St. Rocco (Sveti Rok), one of the largest churches in the Zaprešić area. 1 After the centre of Žejinci at the 2.5 km mark from the start of the route, turn left at point 2. You will enter the peaceful, green valley of the Luka Creek. A narrow winding road will take you to point 3. A ride through the valley of Luka Creek is a special experience on account of the great number of willow trees whose particular crown forms meld wonderfully with the landscape of flowering meadows that are often inundated. 4 A gravel lane continues to wind through a verdant valley intersected with waterways. At the 6 km mark of the route, at the intersection of two gravel roads, turn left. Before you is about 1 km of an incline to the hamlets of Domahovo – Vinkovići. You have climbed from the valley to a ridge from which, for the first time on this route, you have a nice view of the entire region. 5 Along the gravel road on the ridge you will pass sunny, steep slopes rich with vineyards and vineyard huts. To the left, the view extends out to the Samobor hills, and to the right and back to Medvednica. At the 8.1 km mark on the route, you arrive at the hamlet of Domahovo – Treski. Riding straight through the hamlet you can see a number of traditional wooden rural houses (“hiža”) painted blue. 600 m after the hamlet you come out onto a paved road, where you turn right towards the Church of Our Lady of Strmec in the village of the same name. 6 Just 500 m further on the road, to the right side, is a very nice shrine dating from 1898.

At the 10 km mark of the route, turn left at the crucifix towards Požarkovec, while the road descends to the right along Vižovljski Grad in Vižovlje. After a steep downhill slope, you will arrive at point 7 at the 11 km mark of the route. Riding the following 1 km to Pisani Most you will once again, after the ridge and the wonderful views, enjoy the verdant greenery of the valley of Brezina Creek and the settlements of Donji Požarkovec and Gornji Požarkovec. 400 m from Pisani Most (coloured red and white) is the start of a gravel road and an ascent of 500 m. At the end of the climb, you will come to the intersection of two small roads, continue straight at the crucifix. After 100 m you will be on a paved asphalt road again, where you will turn left at the intersection of two roads. Continue riding towards Lučelnica. Caution! Before the exit onto the Luka – Klanjec main road and Tuheljske Toplice you will pass a steep downhill section that will bring you to point 8. Ride to the centre of Lučelnica and point 9. After the turn, to the left side along the road is the Chapel of St. Joseph. After 1.5 km you will pass through Dol Klanječki, where a 900 m long winding 10% ascent begins to the centre of Klanjec. Klanjec (263 m) is a picturesque Zagorje market town situated on the saddle of the ridge that divides the watersheds of the Sutla and Krapina Rivers. It is located 55 km from Zagreb and 6 km from Kumrovec. It is first mentioned in a 1463 document from King Matija Korvin, and as a town (“oppidum”) in 1598. Be sure to take the time for a breather on the charming main square in Klanjec to see the town and its environs. 10 Surrounded by fertile wine-growing slopes, Klanjec and its environs offer an unforgettable view of the Sutla River valley. To the right in neighbouring Slovenia the well-known Bizeljsko wine-growing region is dominated by the walls of Grad Bizeljsko (389 m) near Orešje (first mentioned in 1441), and Rošce hill, known because of its five churches as Sveta Gora (“Holy Hill”). 11 We recommend you visit the Calvary behind the chapel. At the first intersection, about 50 m after the chapel, turn left uphill, and after 700 m at the Y intersection turn left again and immediately after that at the crucifix continue straight along the ridge. 12 At this intersection with the asphalt paved road approaching from the right and leading steeply downhill to Donje Gredice, you can go to the Stara Vodenica rural tourism homestead on the Kraljevec na Sutli – Klanjec main road.

After riding along the ridge for 600 m, continue straight through the intersection. At the crucifix at the next intersection at the 21.2 km mark on the route, turn right on the gravel road running along the ridge. 13 After the chapel there is a descent of 200 m on the gravel road as you pass onto paved road. Continue on it downhill for 300 m to the intersection of two roads. Turn right and after 300 m turn left at the following intersection and take the steep uphill climb to point 14. The downhill road to the right would take you to Nove Dvore Klanječke. 14 After 500 m you will arrive at a gravel road. 15 Straight ahead the road continues on to Lukavec Klanječki and descends into the valley of the Sutla River. The route, however, continues to the left along the ridge by the panoramic local road so you can enjoy a few more kilometres of the stunning view of the Sutla River valley. After riding 1 km, continue right at the intersection, uphill on a gravel road, and soon thereafter, at the following intersection continue straight through until you arrive at a crucifix at the intersection of three roads where the paved road begins. Turn right at the crucifix towards the chapel you can see from the intersection. 16 At the viewpoint on the 24.6 km mark on the route, take a short break and enjoy the view of Kraljevec na Sutli and the Sutla River valley. A Roman road once ran through the Sutla River valley, while now two roads wind along it, accompanied by a railway line. The Sutla River has a length of 92.4 km, and from the southern slopes of Maceljska Gora, where it springs under Prevoj, the river drops in altitude of 369 m over its course. From the confluence, if flows through the valley in an almost straight line for 30 km, while near Klanjec it bends to the northwest towards Kumrovec, forming the Sutjeska River. From St. Joseph’s Chapel, continue downhill for 1.5 km. After a short uphill section at the 26.2 km mark of the route, you will arrive at the intersection of three small roads, where you continue right along the cemetery in Kraljevec na Sutli. 17 You have entered a border zone municipality, 10 km to the south of Klanjec, in the gentle landscapes of the flatlands of this special area along the Sutla River. 18 For a break there are several small taverns and a shop. Turn right at the next intersection.

At the 27.6 km mark on the route, at the intersection of small roads amidst the fields, turn right again. 19 The Sutla River valley, along the settlements of Gornji Čemehovec and Donji Čemehovec, is intersected by numerous creeks, and the route leads straight along the road running beside one of the winding creeks. Exercise caution at about the 29.4 km mark on the route as you will cross a railway line! 20 Exercise caution again when crossing the railway line. Continue riding about 2 km to point 21. Caution, you are exiting onto the busier Dubravica – Klanjec road. After riding 1.5 km you will arrive at point 22. At the exit from Strmec Sutlanski there is a long downhill decent before you arrive at point 23. In the valley of the Lučelnica Creek, immediately after the road sign marking the entry into Zagreb County, take a break at the Dva Potoka restaurant and picnic area in Pluska. Along with the offer of local specialities and the special setting of two burbling streams, the excursion area also features a small zoo with deer, domestic fowl, mouflon, goats and other domesticated animals. A 4 km ride on the straight road to point 24 slowly brings us back to the starting point of the blue route and the centre of Luka.

Technical description

  1. Start of the route at the parking lot in the centre of Luka on Trg Svetog Roka. On the square you will find a number of shops, a school, the municipal hall and a tavern. Continue straight along the church on the main road towards Žejinci and Veliko Trgovišće.
  2. Turn left from the main Zagorska Road onto Nikole Tesle Street.
  3. At the Y intersection, continue right through the valley, to the left is a lane that leads to the remnants of the manor house of the Vadina Old Town in the hamlet of Petki.
  4. At the intersection of two small roads turn left over the small bridge onto a gravel road.
  5. After the hamlet of Domahovo – Vinkovići at the intersection of three small roads, turn right. Continue riding along the gravel road on the ridge. When the gravel road ends, turn right onto the paved road towards the church.
  6. Church of Our Lady of Strmec in Strmec and cemetery. The point on the elevation next to the church is a viewpoint (276 m).
  7. After a steep degree 2 descent, turn right again at the shrine at the intersection of three paved roads, ride through the valley towards Pisani Most, cross the bridge and ride to point 8.
  8. Caution! Intersection with the main road from Luka to Klanjec and Tuheljske Toplice, turn right at Lučelnica.
  9. Caution when turning! In Lučelnica at the roundabout turn left for Klanjec beside the MTF Filko petrol station and Erdödy café & shop.
  10. The centre of Klanjec is a nice spot for a break and refreshment. In Klanjec continue on along Florijanova Street alongside the Municipal Library and the Stari Hotel café. The road leads to the southwest along a ridge.
  11. Chapel of St. Florian (287 m) to the left beside the road. Start of the gravel road.
  12. Exit onto a paved road. Continue left along the gravel road along the ridge.
  13. Chapel of Sts. Philip and Jacob (302 m) to the right side of the gravel road in the woods. Continue downhill along the chapel to the paved road.
  14. At the intersection and crucifix, turn right on the paved road towards Bratovski Vrh. Keep the speed of your descent in mind as you are entering a village.
  15. After a slight uphill climb, turn left at the intersection of two gravel roads at the crucifix to point 16.
  16. Chapel of St. Joseph (256 m) with a viewpoint to the right side of the road.
  17. Caution! Near the Chapel of St. Peter, shops and bistro you will exit onto the busier Dubravica – Kraljevec na Sutli – Klanjec main road. Turn right towards the church.
  18. At the Church of the Holy Trinity (Sveto Trojstvo) in Kraljevec na Sutli turn left for Donji Čemehovec and Gornji Čemehovec.
  19. At the intersection of paved roads in the field not far from the Sutla, turn left for Donji Čemehovec.
  20. At the intersection, turn left towards Movrač. To the right is the local border crossing at Čemehovec, better known as Figaro’s Bridge, also the intersection with the brown route.
  21. At the intersection with the main road at the crucifix and building with a telephone booth, turn right in the direction of Strmec Sutlanski.
  22. At the intersection with the Kraljevec na Sutli – Dubravica road, turn left for Strmec Sutlanski and Pluska.
  23. At the intersection of two roads, continue straight for Pušava and Pluska. To the left is the turnoff for Lučelnica, Klanjec and Tuheljske Toplice.
  24. Intersection with the Zaprešić – Kupljenovo – Luka main road, continue straight to Luka to the starting point.

Cultural, historical, ethnological and natural points of interest

  • Church of St. Rocco, Luka, a neo-Gothic church completed in 1864, one of the largest sacral buildings in the Zaprešić region.
  • Vadina old town – mentioned in the 16th century, it was home to the noble families of Depoczi, Bušić, Ožegović, Fodroczy, Modić and Bedeković. Today only the remains of the poorly preserved manor house are visible.
  • Church of Our Lady of Strmec in Strmec, a late Baroque edifice erected in 1772.
  • Vižovljski grad – a classicist manor house from 1839, once the property of the Galjuf and Eisner families, the Poljoprivredna Bank, the Kralj family from 1922 to 1978 and now a private estate.
  • Cesargrad old town (462 m) above Klanjec – first mentioned in 1399 when King Sigismund granted it to Count Herman of Celje. It was inhabited up to the 17th century until the Erdody family abandoned it and built the Novi Dvori Klanječki in the Sutla River valley. At Klanjec, the Cesargradska Gora hills are sharply divided from the Kunšperška Gora hills in neighbouring Slovenia by the deep cut of the Sutla River at Zelenjak and Mihanovićev Dol. You can reach Cesargradska Gora, the mountain lodge and the peak at Japice (509 m) by a marked trail from the Zagreb – Kumrovec road (not on the route).
  • The gallery of sculptor Antun Augustinčić, Trg A. Mihanovića 13, Klanjec, tel. 049 550 343, augustincic
  • Monument to Antun Mihanović, erected in 1910, the work of Robert Frangeš Mihanović.
  • Parish Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Klanjec, built from 1630 to 1686, consecrated in 1655, the parish was established in 1789, the church’s inventory is from the 17th to 19th century period, the Erdödy family tomb. Klanjec parish house, tel. 049 550 032.
  • Franciscan monastery in Klanjec, Trg A. Mihanovića 11, visits by appointment only, tel. 049/550 032.
  • Old memorial cemetery, the final resting place of leading figures in Croatian culture with roots in Klanjec.
  • Chapel of St. Florian, Klanjec, first mentioned in 1690, the current chapel was erected in 1742.
  • Point of interest – the Calvary at the Chapel of St. Florian, erected in 1933 to commemorate the 1990th anniversary of Christ’s death.
  • Staro Selo Kumrovec Museum, tel. 049 553 107, (not on the route)
  • Chapel of Sts. Philip and Jacob, Letovčan Novodvorski, first mentioned in 1690, built around the year 1802, in the Baroque style with an inventory from the 17th to 19th century period.
  • Chapel of St. Jospeh at Kapelski Vrh above Kraljevec na Sutli.
  • Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Kraljevec na Sutli, the parish was founded in 1789 and the church built in 1836.

Accommodation, hospitality offer, sports and recreation

  • Villa Zelenjak-Ventek, Risvica St. 1, Kumrovec, tel. 049/550 747, (not on the route)
  • Terme Tuhelj spa, Tuheljske Toplice, tel. 049/203 750, (not on the route)
  • Stara Vodenica rural tourism, Gredice St. 32, tel. 049/550 577 (not on the route)
  • Dva Potoka rural tourism and picnic area, B. Masnjaka St. 122, Pluska, Luka, tel. 3393 484, 098/317 390,
  • Sever vineyard, Kumrovečka St. 3, Klanjec, tel. 049/550 180
  • Bistro Broz (culinary offer), Lijepe naše St. 24, Klanjec, tel. 049/550 669
  • Bistro Turist (culinary offer), Trg mira, Klanjec, tel. 049/550 036

Service information

  • Zaprešić Tourism Board, Trg žrtava fašizma 9, tel. 3310 309,
  • Klanjec Tourism Board / Town Library, Trg A. Mihanovića 2, tel. 049/551 002,
  • Zaprešić Medical Centre, Pavla Lončara St. 1, tel. 3310 022
  • Klanjec Medical Centre, Trg mira 9, tel. 049/550 281
  • Klanjec pharmacy, Trg mira 6, tel. 049/550 171
  • Klanjec border police, tel. 049/201 610
  • Zagrebačka Bank, branch office and ATM, Lijepe naše St. 37, Klanjec, tel. 049/329 656
  • Klanjec Post office, Lijepe naše St. 22, tel. 049/463 109
  • Keko tyre repair shop, Lijepe naše 32, Klanjec, tel. 049/550 048
  • MTF Filko Petrol Station – Zaprešić, Lučelnica 39, Lučelnica, tel. 049/550 014
  • Cesargrad mountain lodge, open on Sundays and holidays, Damir Vrabec, GSM: 098/929 8305
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