Map 2 — Brown route

Through the villages of preserved traditional architecture to the Sutla River valley

Preuzmite kartu

The Zaprešić region and its surrounding municipalities, in terms of its position north of the Sava River and west of the Medvednica Nature Park on the one side, and the Sutla River and state border with Slovenia to the west, has been called the northwestern “gate” to Zagreb County and Croatia. This region is increasingly interesting to visitors, not only for its beauty, but also for the three different natural geographical entities in a small area: mountains, foothills and lowlands. However, the main features of this region are the castles dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, complete with their appearance, gardens and tales that attract many visitors. Also interesting is the sacral architecture, with a large number of churches, chapels, shrines and crucifixes positioned along the prominent ridges and peaks of the green hills and at many intersections of roads and trails. The villages of this area still contain well-preserved rural homes, monuments to traditional architecture that to this day testify to the skill of the self-trained masters who build in wood and occasionally in stone. All together, this wealth of cultural and historical heritage, natural beauty, diversity of landscapes, vistas, events and the people who live here will offer a complete picture of the life and beauty of this area to all passing through.

From the centre of Kupljenovo 1 near the 4M buffet, pharmacy and post office, take the Zaprešić – Luka – Veliko Trgovišće road in the direction of Luka. The road leads straight through the Kupljenovo lowlands. On the left side of the road is the village of Hruševec Kupljenski. 2 Luka is situated at the far end of the foothills of the Zaprešić region. The centre is dominated by the neo-Gothic Church of St. Rocco (141 m), completed in 1864, which stands out by its elegant simplicity. Of particular value is the organ from 1745, the work of the renowned Viennese master Anton Weiner. The town centre has a shop, post office, school and inn. At the 3.5 km mark of the route, turn left at point 3 and continue the gentle climb. Turning off the main road after the short climb will provide you with a pleasant ride in the peace and unforgettable vistas over the entire region. 4 After 200 m turn left at the intersection at the sign for A. Majdaka Street. The route will quickly pass by the Vila Joop residence on the left hand side of the road. 5 In Krajska Ves, pay attention to the significant number of small preserved traditional wooden hiža (houses). After passing by the local graveyard on the left side of the road, you will arrive at the Chapel of St. Florian (205 m). Here turn on the steep lane to the right, as the plateau beside the chapel is an excellent viewpoint. From the chapel, continue riding straight downhill along the paved road, and pay attention to point 6 which comes immediately after the downhill section on the right.

Continue riding straight and then downhill to point 7 (exercise caution when entering the intersection) and the 7.9 km mark from the route starting point. At the 8.9 km mark of the route, you can turn left off the main road and head across the bridge and uphill for Merenje and another viewpoint – the Chapel of St. Vitus and across the hill to Bobovac Rozganski or Gornja Pušća. At the 10.4 km mark, find rest and refreshment at the Dva Potoka restaurant and picnic area to the left of the road, just before the border between the Zagreb and Krapina-Zagorje Counties. Continue straight along the main road. 8 Strmec Sutlanski is one of the many settlements in the municipality of Kraljevec na Sutli named after the Sutla River. 9 Exercise caution as the traffic on this section of the road can be quite heavy. 10 Ride along the winding road through the villages of Movrač and Donji Čemehovec towards the Sutla River and the Slovenian border. On the right side, the view stretches across the field to the main settlement of the Kraljevec na Sutli municipality and the interesting tower of the parish Church of the Most Holy Trinity, built in 1836. Pay attention while crossing the railroad tracks. 11 From here, continue riding straight through the green Sutla River Valley, and pay attention as you will again cross the railroad tracks. 12 Keep riding straight along Sutlanske doline Street all the way to the main road. The view to the right stretches to the tower of the graveyard chapel and parish Church of St. Anne in Rozga. At the 21.5 km mark of the main road, turn right near the post office and the Horvat bistro, and at the intersection, continue right on road in the direction of Harmica.

You are now in the centre of the Dubravica (155 m) municipality, which received its name from the Dubrava Forest, which once grew throughout most of this region. Even today, the oak and beech forests are dense, and the Gmanja Forest at Lugarski breg is a unique habitat for the carnivorous plant – the dew plant, which was discovered here by renowned Croatian botanist, Dr. Ivica Horvat. Today, this plant is the trademark of the municipality. Cultural and historical points of interest include the parish Church of St. Anne in Rozga from 1842; the chapel at the local graveyard from 1609, which was known as the Chapel of Our Lady of Lušak, and the 300 year old parish court which was built as a rare example of a wooden parish manor house. In the neighbouring villages, even today there are well preserved village hiža (houses) traditionally painted blue. In 1806, one of Croatia’s most distinguished reformers, the poet Pavao Štoos, was born in Dubravica. 300 m from the intersection, the road takes you through the settlement of Rozga and the chapel with graveyard on the right hand side of the road. At the 22.7 km mark, pass by the Church of St. Anne in Rozga on the right. Continue straight through the village of Kraj Gornji. At the 24.7 km mark from the route starting point you will reach point 13. The climb is steep and constant, to the left is a view of the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, and on the right is the view of the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Marija Gorica and the tower of the Chapel of the Holy Cross. At the 26.6 km mark, at the left of the intersection is a wooden house with a plaque – this is the birth house of the well known writer of Croatian realism, Ante Kovačić, born in 1854. The route continues to the left and heads steeply uphill. 14 Marija Gorica (243 m) is well known for its Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 16th century. Prior to the arrival of the Franciscans, this place was known as Sveta Gorica (Holy Hill), and it became Marija Gorica when the Franciscans arrived in the flight from the Turks, bringing with them the miraculous statue of the Mother of God. In the 18th century, the most distinguished Zagreb builder of the time, Matija Leonhart, constructed the Baroque church with its rich Baroque inventory. Historically interesting is the preserved Stations of the Cross, which is otherwise a rarity, as only the Franciscans had the right to install and bless it. Also of great value is the colossal Rococo organ in the church. In the town centre, find rest and refreshment in the Ladanjski Raj restaurant and Inn.

At the 27.7 km mark of the route, near the Chapel of Our Unwavering Lady (Majka Božja Stalna) on the left side of the road, continue straight through the intersection through Žlebec Gorički, and then downhill to the left of the crucifix to Pušća. At the 29.4 km mark from the route starting is point 15. Left will take you to the viewpoint near the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene. Near the Tri Platane bistro at the intersection with the Dubravica – Donja Pušća main road, turn left in the direction of Gornja Pušća. At the 33 km mark from the route starting point is point 16. Continue straight to the small bridge on the road. 17 Here you need to overcome two steep but short climbs. 18 From the ridge, you will descend into the plain. 19 Ride straight along the road that winds gently through the Hruševec Kupljenski lowlands. Along the road are several turnoffs that are not on the route. 20

 Technical description

  1. Parking lot near the railway station in the centre of Kupljenovo. Head straight north on the road for Luka.
  2. At the intersection near the Pođunđek buffet and bus station, turn right onto Lučka Street, ride to the centre of Luka.
  3. 200 m after the Church of St. Rocco (Sv. Rok), turn left from the main road onto Andrije Majdaka Street.
  4. At the intersection of Lanes I and II (odvojak) of Andrije Majdaka Street, continue riding right and uphill past the green house.
  5. At the intersection of three roads, take the sharp left turn uphill towards Krajska Ves.
  6. At the intersection following the downhill section, take the sharp right turn onto Lane II (odvojak) of Krajska Ves.
  7. At the intersection with the Luka – Pluska main road, turn right towards Pluska near the Hadrović business. After 2.5 km of riding, you will enter into Krapina – Zagorje County (note the welcome sign!).
  8. Intersection with the signpost for Lučelnica, Klanjec and Tuheljske Toplice, continue left across the bridge in the direction of Strmec Sutlanski.
  9. At the intersection with the Dubravica – Klanjec road, follow the road signs and turn right in the direction of Klanjec and Kumrovec.
  10. About 500 m from point 9, follow the road signs for Čemehovec and turn left off the main road.
  11. Just before the local border crossing Čemehovec – Figaro’s bridge, turn left next to the Figaro buffet. Here you will re-enter Zagreb County and the Dubravica municipality. Ride straight through the Sutla River Valley, along the river and border with Slovenia.
  12. At the intersection of two roads at the shop and telephone booth, turn left. 100 m down the road, you will pass over a small bridge, and after another 100 m, continue straight at the intersection with Sutlanska Street. Drive along Sutlanska Dolina Street to the main road and centre of Dubravica.
  13. Turn left off the main road at Kraj Donji and head uphill on Bregovita Street towards Marija Gorica. This is a 1-2 degree climb. Beautiful vistas!
  14. At the top of the steep uphill section, turn left off Bregovita Street onto Maršala Tita Street and continue riding towards Pušća. To the right is the centre of the municipality of Marija Gorica. It is worthwhile stopping for a rest at the Ladanjski Raj restaurant and inn. Crossing point with the bicycle routes from Map 1.
  15. At the intersection following the long downhill section, turn right onto Magdalenska Street and continue towards Gornja Pušća.
  16. At the intersection of two roads, turn right off the main road and follow the old road signs for Hruševec Pušćanski and Hruševec Kupljenski.
  17. At the intersection before the bridge, a gravel road to the left heads towards Stanišakov Jarek. Continue to the right along the paved road across the bridge and begin the steep uphill climb.
  18. At the Y intersection, turn left and continue along the steep downhill section towards Hruševec Kupljenski.
  19. Turn right off Zagrebačka Street at the intersection, and after 20 m, head straight through the intersection of four roads. Ride through the valley in the direction of the Luka – Kupljenovo main road.
  20. Caution! Intersection with the Luka – Kupljenovo main road. Turn right and continue back to the starting point at the parking lot of the railway station in Kupljenovo.

Cultural, historical, ethnological and natural points of interest

  • Church of St. Rocco, Luka, neo-Gothic church completed in 1864, one of the greatest sacral structures of the Zaprešić region.
  • Chapel at the graveyard in Rozga, dating back to 1609, when it was first mentioned as the Chapel of Our Lady of Lušak.
  • Church of St. Anne in Rozga, Dubravica. This parish was first mentioned in the 13th century. The current church was built in 1842 in the Classical style on the site of the older church. The traditional parish feast day is held on St. Anne’s Day, 26 July. The parish courtyard contains a valuable cultural monument, the Old Parish House – a top category monument constructed of wood and over 300 years old. Unique in this part of Zagreb County.
  • Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Marija Gorica.

Accommodation, hospitality offer, sports and recreation

  • Ladanjski Raj Inn, Rajski put 3, Marija Gorica, tel. 3395 806,
  • Motel Gec, I. Pintarića 36, Ivanec kraj Zaprešića, tel. 3358 191, 3358 555, 091/5149 908 (not on route but near Zaprešić),
  • Dva Potoka restaurant and picnic area– offers local specialties and a special atmosphere next to two burbling creeks, the picnic area also has a small zoo with deer, domestic fowl, mouflon, goats and other farm animals. B. Masnjaka 122, Pluska, Luka, tel. 3393 484, 098/317 390,
  • Dubravica Inn, Pavla Štoosa 12, Dubravica, tel. 3399 053
  • Buffet Čef, shop and petrol station, Kumrovečka St. 232, Bobovec Rozganski, tel. 3399 532
  • Kućica cottage, Andrije Majdaka St. 25, Luka, mob. 091/549 8118, 099/629 2939,;

Service information

  • Zaprešić Tourism Board, Trg žrtava fašizma 9, tel. 3310 309,
  • Sava & Sutla Rivers Valley & Hills Tourism Board, I. Gregurića St. 13, Brdovec, tel. 3398 747,
  • Zaprešić Health Clincic, Pavla Lončara St. 1, tel. 3310 061
  • Dubravica Health Clinic, Pavla Štoosa St. 38, tel. 3399 002
  • Pušća Health Clinic, Kumrovečka cesta, tel. 3310 335
  • Zimak tyre repair shop, A. Mihanovića St. 50, Rozga, tel. 098/9728 200
  • Zaprešić Police Station, Drage Švajcera bb, Zaprešić, tel. 3310 550
  • Zagrebačka Bank, branch office and ATM, Lijepe naše St. 37, Klanjec, tel. 049/329 656
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