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Zaprešić – Bistra – Jakovlje (red route)

  • Blue route Sveta Nedelja – Jagnjić Dol – Svetonedeljski Breg

Preuzmite kartu

The route begins in Ivanec in the parking lot near the Church of St. Mary the Helper 1, under the Ivanec stone quarry. Take the main road Zaprešić – Ivanec – Jablanovec – Bistra, with the restaurant “Jezera” on the right hand side of the road, about 2.2 km from the route starting point. At Jablanovec turn right off the main road by the chapel in the centre of the village, 4.4 km from the route starting point 2    . 50 m after the turn­off at the intersection of three roads, take the far left road. To the right are hiking signs for Kameni Svati and the mountain hut of the same name at 482 m above sea level (about 1 hour hike), the loveliest natural viewing point from Medvednica overlooking Zaprešić, Hrvatsko Zagorje and the Samobor and Žumberak mountains. On clear days, you can see Triglav Mountain and the Kamnik Alps in Slovenia. At the same intersection, the right road leads towards the Kameni Svati and on further along Zakičnica to Ponikve and bicycle trail 3 of the Medvednica Nature Park, which later joins onto the transversal bicycle trail 1 which runs along the entire length of Medvednica and enables you to descend at Gornji Stenjevac and return to Zagreb along the Glavica mountain hut and the Veternica cave.

Our route through Zagreb County leads you on to the intersection of Ljudevita Gaja Street, where you will turn left. Continue right along Selska Street. At the intersection of four roads, continue straight on through the intersection and pass over the bridge. 3  At the intersection near the graveyard, the route leads you on straight along the road for Gornja Bistra. At this site is the a turnoff from the red route, and we recommend you take the steep uphill climb to the right along Crkvena Street to the Church of St. Nicholas at Poljanica Bistranska (dating back to 1631) – a unique viewing point of the Zaprešić region. At the intersection at Podgorska Street, continue straight along the small bridge. 4 At the 8.4 km point from the starting point, about 100 m before the stop sign and the exit onto the main road, turn right and continue straight along. About 900 m on, you will pass through Strmečka Street. At the small red house, turn left. At the next intersection, turn left again. 5 On Vinogradarska Street, at the intersection of four streets, turn right and continue riding along towards the Oršić castle in Gornja Bistra. To the right, you will see a beautiful view of the northern slopes of the Medved­nica Nature Park and the tv tower at the top of Sljeme Mountain (1033 m). 6 After about 1 km of riding from the right turn at Vinogradarska Street, turn left onto the gravel road (see the house with the sign “Tratinčica”). Ride along this road with many well preserved wooden houses of the traditional architecture of this region. You will arrive at the b turnoff from the red route at the road which leads straight to the Oršić castle at Gornja Bistra. This municipality is situated only 24 km from Zagreb, and is primarily oriented along the natural features of the land, as the Medvednica Nature Park covers one third of the surface area of the municipality in its eastern part. In this region, wine making, fruit growing, agriculture and cattle breeding are well developed, as is small and medium business. The municipality celebrates its day on the Day of St. Nicholas (December, 6th), when the atmosphere in the municipality is particularly joyous. Next to the castle, you will see the marked mountain trail 42 towards Oštrica, the French mines and the foothills with Horvat’s 500 stairs (this excursion site was constructed in 1946 by Zagreb mountaineer Vladimir Horvat and his associates). If you have the time and will to extend your ride by about 2 hours, then head off in this direction and do some exploring. At the same place in Gornja Bistra is the beginning of bicycle route 5 of Medvednica Nature Park, from the end of Sljemenska Street past the quarry through the Bistra Creek canyon to Rasuha and Bistransko sedlo (meaning mountain saddle).

For the continuation of the route through the County, turn left along the paved road near the castle, and 20 m after the electrical power station, turn right onto the gravel road that runs along the castle fence. You are now in front of the main entrance to the Oršić castle, again on paved road and turn left onto Ribnička Street. At the intersection of the two streets, continue straight. You will ride along about 500 m of gravel road. 7 At the intersection of the gravel road and the main road, turn right in the direction of Kraljev Vrh. After 2 kilometres, you will pass by the football field on the left hand side of the road, while to the right are houses and the lanes of Turistička Street. Take Turis­tička Street and arrive at the intersection with the crucifix 8 where turning right off of the red route onto the c turnoff will lead you about 1.5 km to the Church of the Holy Three Kings in Kraljev Vrh – a fantastic viewing point of the entire region. At the inter­section, turn right towards the church, while the left road heads towards Stubičke Toplice and Donja Stubica (can be connected to the circular bicycle route “Gupčevim krajem” – 35 km – meaning “Through the Matija Gubec region”). On the right hand side of the road is a shop. At the intersection near the well, turn left towards the church. In the centre of Kraljev Vrh, you can find refreshment and rest in one of the local bistros. The well also bears the signs for the marked hiking trail 49 towards Krumpirišta and the peak of Sljeme Mountain. After a visit to Kraljev Vrh, return back to the intersection with the crucifix and turn right, heading down a gentle downhill section on the road towards Jakovlje. On the right hand side of the road is the Kraljev Vrh tennis centre, with a bistro suitable for rest and refreshment. After the entrance sign for Jakovlje at the 18.4 km mark of the route, turn left off the main road 9 at the bus stop onto the gravel road towards the castle at Jakovlje, where the paved road continues. The muni­cipality of Jakovlje is situated 28 km from Zagreb, and is one of the most developed in the Zaprešić region. Not far from the castle along the main road is the MB petrol station. From the castle, continue straight along the main road Jakovlje – Donja Bistra and be cautious, as this road can have a lot of traffic. At one of the next intersections, pay attention to the diskont pića (discount shop for drinks) situated in the well preserved traditional home on the left hand side of the road. Continue straight along. After the uphill section, the road offers a lovely view of Medvednica, the Church of St. Nicholas (turnoff onto route a   ), the Kameni Svati, Samobor mountains and the entire Zaprešić region. 10 At the intersection, turn right off the main road Jakovlje – Donja Bistra. After 900 m of gravel road, you will come onto paved road. Continue straight along the creek and past the yellow bridge which stays to your right, as well as the lovely homes and their gardens. Caution is required at the intersection where you will again turn right onto the main road Jakovlje – Novaki Bistranski – Ivanec. In the village Bukovje Bistransko, there is a petrol station on the left hand side of the road. In the cen­tre of Novaki Bistranski, continue straight along the road at the intersection. To the left of the road is the Chapel of St. Roc. Nearby is the shop and cafe “Laci”. After 30.4 km of riding along this circular bicycle route, you will again reach the starting point at the parking lot under the Ivanec stone quarry.

 Cultural-historical value along the route

  • Kameni svatovi (489 m above sea level) – a group of dolomite boulders which the people here called the Zakleti Svatovi (Sworn wedding guests), around which an entire series of tales has been woven. According to the well known poem by August Šenoa, they were named the Kameni Svatovi (stone wedding guests).
  • Church of St. Nicholas, Poljanica Bistranska – built in 1631. The church is an example of one of the earliest Baroque churches in Croatia. Though it was frequently reno­vated, the Church has retained its basic early Baroque style, and together with its well preserved inventory from the 17th and 19th centuries: main altar of St. Nicholas, the neo-Gothic side altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 17th century and St. Antun from the 17th century and the stone christening font represent a very valuable monument to that period.
  • Oršić Castle, Gornja Bistra – built in 1775 for Earl Krsto ii Oršić. The main façade of the castle is turned to face Zagorje. The upstairs hall of the castle is one of the best preserved Baroque rooms in northern Croatia. At the southern end of the western wing is the court chapel, with its well preserved Rococo inventory: the main and two side altars, the emporium and organ. The castle is surrounded with a richly and beautifully arranged garden, part of which has been preserved to this day.
  • Church of the Holy Three Kings, Kraljev Vrh – this parish was established in 1788, while this church was built in 1879 in the historical neo-Romanesque style. Jakovlje Castle, Jakovlje – this estate was first mentioned in 1546 and has been under the possession of the Oršić family, Rauch and others. The entrance boulevard and surrounding gardens have been partially preserved and today represent a sculpture park for the sculptors’ colony.
  • Chapel of St. Roc, Novaki Bistranski, built in 1863 in the historical style.

Accommodation and hospitality facilities:

  • Motel GEC, I. Pintarića 36, Ivanec, tel: +385 1 3358 191, 3358 555 (situated to the right uphill from the entrance road of the route starting point).
  • Restaurant and Equestrian club Trajbar team, Ulica bana J. Jelačića 199, Zaprešić, tel: +385 1 3310 838, (not on route)
  • Tennis club Kraljev Vrh, Sljemenska 5, Jakovlje – three outdoor swimming pools and one indoor tennis court, badminton/volleyball court, table tennis, Restaurant Rozmar, accomodation, tel: +385 1 3352 728,
  • Restaurant Jezera, P. Svačića 1, Jablanovec, tel: +385 1 3358 051
  • Kameni Svati Mountain Hut (450 m), Jablanovec, tel: +385 91 7641 257, +385 1 3490 148

Service information:

  • Tourist Association of the City of Zaprešić, Trg žrtava fašizma 9, Zaprešić, tel: +385 1 3310 309,
  • Medvednica Nature Park, Bliznec bb, Zagreb, tel: +385 1 4586 317,
  • Zaprešić Police Station, Drage Švajcera bb, tel: +385 1 3310 550
  • Zaprešić Health Centre, Pavla Lončara 1, tel: +385 1 3310 022, 3311 930, 3311 931
  • Jakovlje – Tyre repair shop Zlatko Kostanjčar, Selnička 15, Jakovlje, tel. +385 1 3351 767
  • Jakovlje Health Clinic, Stubička 4, Jakovlje, tel. +385 1 3351 151
  • Miha Benz Petrol Station, Stubička c. 4b, Jakovlje, tel. +385 1 3351 010
  • Grossery Trgostil, Abele Siksta 1, Jakovlje, tel. +385 1 3351 203,
  • Bank atm machine Zagrebačka banka on the grossery Trgostil
  • Bistra – Municipality of Bistra, tel. +385 1 3390 039,
  • Tyre repair shop Zlatko Andrabaka, Stubička 553, Donja Stubica, tel. +385 1 3391 419
  • AV Petrol Promet Petrol Station, Stubička 458, Bukovje, Donja Stubica, tel. +385 1 3392 777
  • Donja Bistra Health Clinic, Bistranska 6, tel. +385 1 3390 017
  • Bank atm machine Zagrebačka banka on municipality bureau building, Stubička 509, Donja Bistra
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