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Sveta Nedelja – Jagnjić Dol – Svetonedeljski Breg

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The ride along the Sveta Nedelja hills, the first bicycle route in the region of the munici­pa­lity of Sveta Nedelja is a short and exciting ride, full of dynamics and impressions to be left upon you by the natural beauty and sights along the lovely although demanding route. The ride begins in the centre of Sveta Nedelja 1 right next to the parish church. There is a parking lot in the centre where it is suitable to leave your vehicle. The route continues along the paved road towards Brezje. This section of the road is quite travelled, so beware of tra÷c. 2 In the village of Brezje, turn right at the intersection with the crucifix, 0.7 km from the route starting point, towards Jagnjić Dol. Soon after turning (about 200) m from point 2, you will come upon a y intersection where you will turn left. At the intersection, you will see the restaurant Colonada. The route continues along the road, with fields on the left hand side and vineyards on the right. 2 km from the route starting point, you will enter into the village of Jagnjić Dol and ride along Sveta Nedelja road. At the y intersection in Jagnjić Dol (2.6 km from the starting point), turn left and continue on towards Mala Gorica. In Mala Gorica, ride along Ljudevita Gaja Street past the t intersection with the chapel and bus stop. 3 At the y intersection of Ljudevita Gaja Street and Sv. Marije Magdalene Street, 100 m from the t intersection, turn right. At Topolina, turn left at the y intersection 4 and continue along Sv. M. Magdalene Street. Soon after the intersection, the gravel road begins. The very first metres of the gravel road reveal much of the beauty and wonder of the Sveta Nedelja hills. 4.6 km from the starting point, you will begin a short but steep uphill climb, which will bring you to the ridge of the hills just under the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene and the viewing point over the surrounding area. Take a look at the view towards Okić, the ridge of the Samobor and Žumberak mountains. The Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene 5 is an excellent place for a well deserved rest. The route continues along the road towards Lackovići Gornji. In rainy conditions, the dirt road can be muddy, so be prepared for an extra adventure. In the interests of safety, we recommend that recreational riders pass this section by pushing their bicycles. At the 5.5 km mark from the starting point, you will arrive at a t intersection. Continue along straight to the short but steep climb. You will soon arrive in the village of Lackovići Gornji. Turn right at the intersection with the paved road. 6 From here, the route continues along the breathtaking ridge, upon which you will feel as though you are in a plane. Spreading out steeply beneath you, are the settlements of the Sveta Nedelja municipality. To the far left you can see Samobor, up ahead is Zaprešić, while Zagreb under Medvednica Mountain is to your right. The road leads into a short uphill climb before beginning a constant downhill descent towards the village of Svetonedeljski Breg. In Svetonedeljski Breg, turn left at the intersection, and follow the road downhill. You will soon arrive at the y intersection with the chapel, 7.5 kilometres from the route starting point, where you will continue to the left into the steep downhill section. To the right of the intersection is a gravel road. As you continue down the descent  7, you must adjust your speed to the road conditions, as there is a serpentine turn with poor visibility at one point. The road is two-way and therefore use caution as you descend. After the downhill section and the serpentine turn, you will arrive at a y intersection with Sopot Street. At the intersection, turn left and continue on towards Sveta Nedelja. The route continues to take you downhill. You will soon arrive at a t intersection 8 of the main road and Vladimira Nazora Street, which leads you downhill to the intersection. At the intersection, turn right and after 150 m, you will enter into the centre of the Sveta Nedelja municipality where this “short but sweet” ride ends. Take a rest on one of the bistro terraces on the main Sveta Nedelja square and again experience your just completed ride, this time while sitting comfortably in a shade.

 Cultural-historical values along the route:

  • Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Sveta Nedelja – the parish church received its Baroque appe­arance in about 1750. The church contains the late Gothic-Classical altar, the stone sculpture of the Pieta from the 17th century. The foundations of a smaller church were found next to this church.
  • Chapel of St. Roc, Sveta Nedelja – situated near the parish church on the road for the Old Karlovac road. One of eight chapels in the Sveta Nedelja parish and the most sig­ni­ficant sacral monument. It was first mentioned in 1668 and received its current appearance in 1748, which is the date engraved above the doors of the chapel. The chapel was constructed in the Baroque style and the crosses are made of wrought iron. The Baroque altar with its statue of St. Roc, which covers the entire wall of the sanctuary, is of great value.
  • Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, above Mala Gorica – first mentioned in 1668 when it was a simply wooden chapel. In 1768 it was constructed of brick as a Baroque sacral monu­ment with two half-arches. The valuable altar with the image of the saint, dating back to the 17th century, was transferred here from the old Sveta Nedelja parish church.
  • Erdödy Castle, Kerestinec (not on the route) – the estate was purchased in 1560 by Petar ii Erdödy, and his son Petar iii began to build the castle in 1575. Considering that the area was still under danger of Turkish invasion, the rectangular castle was reinforced with strong cylindrical towers at the corners and surrounded by a moat which served as a first line of defence. The safe and luxurious castle soon became the seat of the Erdödy family. The peasants’ army was defeated on the Kerestinec estate in the revolt of 1573.

Accommodation and hospitality facilities, sports:

  • Hotel–restaurant Babylon, Dr. F. Tuđmana, Novaki, Sveta Nedelja, tel: +385 1 3371 500,
  • Restaurant Piroš Öarda, Dr. F. Tuđmana 29, Novaki, tel. +385 1 3371 746
  • Restaurant SUHINA, Dr. F. Tuđmana 1, Orešje (next to the Podsused bridge), tel. +385 1 3371 562
  • Restaurant KOD MARKA, Dr. F. Tuđmana 21, Rakitje, tel. +385 1 3371 446
  • Restaurant TARTUF, Dr. F. Tuđmana 93, Sveta Nedelja, tel.: +385 1 3371 763
  • Restaurant ZADAR, Dr. F. Tuđmana 13, Rakitje, tel. +385 1 3371 445
  • Pizzeria DANTE, Stari hrast 29, Rakitje, tel. +385 1 3323 392
  • Rakitje Lake, Sports Fishing Society RAK and Fisherman’s house, Zagrebačka bb, Rakitje, t./f. +385 1 3336 360
  • Orešje Lake, Sports Fishing Society SLOGA and Fisherman’s house, Savska bb, Orešje, mob.: +385 98 325 939
  • Fishing Equipment Supply Shop, Dr. F. Tuđmana 6, Sveta Nedelja, tel. +385 1 3323 990
  • Paintball centre Xtreme, Ivanska 23, Jagnjić Dol, mob. +385 915183801,

Service information:

  • Tourist Association of the Municipality of Sveta Nedelja, Trg Ante Starčevića 2, Sveta Nedelja, tel: +385 1 3373 919,
  • Samobor Police Station, Trg kralja Tomislava 6, tel. +385 1 3361 555
  • Samobor Health Centre, Gajeva 37, tel. +385 1 3330 708, 3330 700
  • Sveta Nedelja Health Clinic, Ribnjak bb, Sveta Nedelja, tel. +385 1 3324 664, 3324 666
  • EUROPETROL SANT Petrol Station, Dr. F. Tuđmana 6, Sv. Nedelja, tel. +385 1 3372 343
  • EUROPETROL Petrol Station, Dr. F. Tuđmana 8, Sveta Nedelja, tel. +385 1 3373 333
  • Tyre repair shop BELUŠIĆ, Orešje, Stara cesta 29, Strmec, tel. +385 1 3384 565, mob: +385 98 1823 204
  • Tyre repair shop HORVAT K.A.D. d.o.o., Bestovje, Prudnjaci 9, tel. +385 1 3372 028
  • Bank atm machines: Zagrebačka banka, Raiffeisen banka and Privredna banka are on the main square Trg Ante Starčevića, Sveta Nedelja
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