Map 4 — Red route

Krašić – Zorkovac – Trg – Ozalj – Vrhovac – Hrženik

Preuzmite kartu

The route begins in the centre of the municipality of Krašić at the parking lot near the Church of the Most Holy Trinity (a suitable place to leave your vehicle). 1 Take the road in the direction of Jastrebarsko and turn right at the intersection near the Chapel of the Holy Family at Brezarić and follow the signs for the Golf & Country Club in Mirko­polje and the signs for Ozalj. Continue straight along the paved road which first heads slightly uphill, and then downhill. At the 3.5 km from the starting point, to your right you will app­roach the main road from the direction of Slovenia and Ozalj. Here continue on straight for another 100 m and turn right at the sign for the Golf & Country Club “Dolina kardinala” (Valley of the Cardinals). 2 Drive alongside the golf course fence. At the first inter­section following the main entrance and building of the golf club, turn left alongside the golf course fence. At the next intersection, turn left again onto the gravel road. If you take a break and look behind you, you will see the Old Town of Ozalj beyond the meadow in the distance to the right. After 1 km of riding, you will come back onto a paved road, and turn right along the Kupa River towards Zorkovac. Here you will pass through some beautiful country. The nearby banks of the Kupa River and the shade of the forests are attractive to many weekenders. The entrance sign for the village of Zor­ko­vac na Kupi marks your departure from Zagreb County and entrance into Karlovac County. To the left of the windy road which takes you through the Kupa River valley, you will see the old Zorkovac manor. Its lovely position only adds to the beauty of this landscape. In the village of Zorkovac, pass by the Chapel of St. Helena, and at the next intersection, turn right o≈ the main road towards the old railroad bridge over the Kupa River. 3 Imme­di­ately after passing over the railroad tracks, take the small path to the right of the tracks towards the bridge. On the left hand side of the bridge is the area for passage by pedes­trians and bicyclists, divided from the tracks by a fence. In the summer, the grassy banks of the Kupa River are an ideal place of entertainment and a beach for the local popula­tion. 4 After crossing the bridge, continue along the paved road to the right in the direc­tion of Trg and Ozalj. You will pass through the village of Ozaljsko Polje. At the inter­sec­tion, turn right along the bank of the Kupa River to the village of Trg. 5 At the next intersection in Trg, follow the signs 2 km to Ozalj and turn left. We recommend you take turn o≈  a  from the route, to visit the valuable Church of All Saints in Trg, an old, medi­eval village with an interesting cultural and ethnological heritage – the white folk costu­mes, with the women’s characteristic headgear called jalba, woven in the old Slavic method. On the road Trg – Ozalj, on the left hand side you will see the Ethno-park, a collection of wooden homes covered by škop (a hay roof), it is under the auspices of the museum at Ozalj. We recommend you stay in Ozalj for a while to see the old hydropower plant of the city Karlovac, better known as Munjara. Take turn o≈ b from the route to visit the Old Town of Ozalj with its museum, parish Church of St. Vitus or to hike up the marked hiking trails to the highest peak of the Ozalj area, Vodenica (537 m). In the centre of Ozalj, on Braće Radić Square near the bus station, you can take a break and find ref­resh­ment in one of the bistros. 6 From the centre of Ozalj, alongside the old hydropower plant, continue to ride straight along the bridge over the Kupa River towards Krašić, 10 km away. 7 At Zajačko Selo, turn left uphill o≈ the main road for Krašić in the direction of Vrhovac and Škaljevica. Here you will come across two more demanding uphill climbs to the parish Church of St. Cosmas and Damian at Vrhovac. Continue to climb slightly, and the position from the ridge will provide you with a fantastic view on both sides. 8 At the first intersection with the cru­ci­fix, turn right towards Škaljevica. Here you will see truly stunning views of the entire Ozalj–Vivodina region, with the vineyards and winemakers’ huts. Continue to drive straight along the paved road. 9 At the next inter­section with the crucifix, turn right for Hrženik, while to the left is the sign for Ferenci and the crossing point with the blue bicycle route. The turno≈ road to the left of the main road leads through a small pine wood to the Chapel of St. John the Baptist at an elevated position above Krašić, which o≈ers a lovely view of the entire Krašić–Slavetić region. From the chapel, return back to the main road and continue on towards Krašić, 10 and at the first intersection, continue to the right and head uphill towards Krašić. At the very end is a slight downhill section 11 to the intersection with the main road Jastrebarsko–Krašić. Here turn left for Krašić, take a break and then visit the Memorial Room of the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac and the Mrzljak Ethno House, or take a pleasant daytrip to the Slapnica Canyon and the Žumberak–Samobor Mountains Nature Park.

 Cultural, historical and ethnology points of interest:

  • Memorial Room for the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac in the Krašić parish hall, this is where Alojzije Stepinac spent the final years of his life before his martyrdom. He was born in Brezarić. Tel: + 385 1 6270 003, 6270 703. Visit by appointment.
  • Homeland collection of the Krašić region in the Old Mrzljak House, once a reading room and home of Josipa Mrzljak, sister to the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac. 500 m from the parish church along the road in the direction of Kućer–Jezerine. Ask for Božidar Ćuk, owner of the exhibited materials, tel: + 385 1 6270 510, 098 9014 934.
  • Parish Church of the Most Holy Trinity, an old structure dating back to the 15th century, while today’s church was built in 1915 according to the plans by architect Stjepan Podhorski. The old Gothic sanctuary has today been preserved as a chapel. This chapel includes the valuable Baroque altar of the Most Holy Trinity and a painting of the “Last Supper” by Marko Rašica. The Church is a valuable national monument, as the Gothic sanctuary and preserved frescos, Baroque (now modernly renovated) bell tower and main altar, and the newly constructed church today comprise a single entity, and is one of the best examples of the adaptation and inclusion of old archi­tecture and old items of value in modern architecture in Croatia.
  • The Chapel of the Holy Family at Brezarić, built in 1895 at the request of Monsignor Dr. Matija Stepinac, who was buried here in 1918. The Altar of the Holy Family is from the same period.
  • The Church of All Saints, Trg is one of the oldest churches in this area, and was first mentioned back in 1334, while it existed earlier in Baroque form, with its Gothic sanc­tu­ary, is a significant cultural monument of architectural heritage and preserved old inventory.
  • The Old Town of Ozalj is situated upon a cli≈ above the Kupa River, and was built by Count Nikola Zrinski in 1556. From 1670 to the present time, the town has been under ownership by the “Brothers of the Croatian Dragon” Fellowship. The entrance to the town is from the south over a wooden bridge, which was once a drawbridge. In the Old Town is the museum, open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 – 17. The museum is closed on Mondays, tel: + 385 047 731 170, 732 167.
  • The parish Church of St. Vitus at Ozalj dates back to 1668 when it was renovated, with its rounded sanctuary and bell tower on the western face.
  • “Munjara” of the city of Karlovac was built in 1907/8. This hydropower plant has three generators, with a total capacity of 3.5 megawatts. The stone neo-Renaissance building with its crown-like decorations and harmonious arcades, situated above the Ozalj waterfalls, is surrounded by spruce trees and has a fairytale appearance.
  • The Vrhovac parish Church of St. Cosmas and Damian with its slim bell tower was renewed in the Baroque style in the 18th century.
  • Chapel of St. John the Baptist at Hrženik was built in about 1780 in the location of a destroyed wooden chapel. The entire chapel was painted with illusionist wall paint­ings and its Baroque inventory has been preserved.

Accommodation and hospitality, sport and recreation:

  • Hotel Jaska, Dr. Franje Tuđmana 51, Jastrebarsko, tel. + 385 1 6281 044, fax. 6283 580
  • Motel Pavlaković, Karlovačka cesta 93, Ozalj, tel. + 385 47 731 153
  • Family Medven water mill and manor on the Kupčina River, Öunkova Draga 8, Kostanjevac, accommodation, tel. + 385 1 6270 665, 6270 347
  • Bistro Frenki, Krašić 101, Krašić, tel. + 385 1 6270 810
  • Restaurant Ozljanka, Kurilovac 3, Ozalj, tel. + 385 47 731 129
  • Restaurant Azelija, Karlovačka cesta 93, Ozalj, tel. + 385 47 731 153
  • Pizzeria Lav, Zajačko Selo 21a, tel. + 385 47 732 461
  • Rural tourism family Šoštar, Vrhovac 63, tel. + 385 47 731 848, + 385 91 5646 968
  • Golf & Country Club “Dolina kardinala” – family golf course, driving range and professional 18 holes course, tel. + 385 1 370 11 34, 370 44 22, 47 731 100,
  • Žumberak – Samobor Mountains Nature Park, ranger station Medvenova Draga 13 and Eco-centre Slani Dol, tel. + 385 1 3327 660,
  • Svetojanske toplice Spa – Jamnica d.d., open swimming pool, Gorica Svetojanska, tel. + 385 1 6294 730

Service information:

  • Krašić Tourist Office, Krašić 101, Krašić, tel. + 385 1 6270 910, 4846 690
  • Ozalj Tourist Office, Kurilovac, Ozalj, tel: + 385 47 731 196
  • Jastrebarsko Police Station, I. Brlić Mažuranić 1, Jastrebarsko, tel. + 385 1 6281 033
  • Ozalj Police Station, Kurilovac, Ozalj, tel: + 385 47 731 024
  • Jastrebarsko Health Clinic, Ulica kralja Tomislava 29, tel. + 385 1 6281 282, 6281 153
  • Ozalj Health Clinic, Kolodvorska St., Ozalj, tel. + 385 47 731 002
  • PETROL petrol station, Kurilovac, Ozalj, tel: + 385 47 732 444
  • OMV Istrabenz petrol station, Karlovačka cesta, tel: + 385 47 731 744
  • Petrol station Antun-transporti, Krašić bb, tel. + 385 1 6270 031
  • Bađek bicycle repair shop, Kolodvorska 18, Jastrebarsko, tel: + 385 1 6293 043
  • Penić tyre repair shop, Karlovačka cesta, Ozalj, tel: + 385 47 731 333
  • Bank ATM machines – Zagrebačka Banka, Braće Kazić 4 and 7, Jastrebarsko i Krašić 97, Krašić
  • Karlovačka Banka, Braće Radić Square, Ozalj
  • Privredna Banka, Braće Radić Square, Ozalj
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