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Jastrebarsko – Gorica Svetojanska – Prilipje – Pavlovčani – Jastrebarsko

  • Red route Jastrebarsko – Petrovina – Slavetić – Gorica Svetojanska – Prodin Dol – Malunje

Preuzmite kartu

The route begins in Jastrebarsko at the parking lot near the Forestry Institute. Across the street from the parking lot is the city park, once the gardens of the castle of the Erdödy family. The park has a fish pond suitable for sport fishing. 1 The first kilometres of the ride confirm the promised beauty of the Jaska region, as the ride to Örnilovec leads through gently rolling hills with fertile fields and tree farms, beautiful in all seasons. Half a kilometre before entering into the village of Örnilovec, the route passes past the football field and continues to climb towards the centre of the village. The ascent is short and perfect as a warm-up. 2 From here, ride on towards Miladini along the slight incline of the paved road. The road to Miladini leads through the forest and offers a pleasant ride and protection from the hot summer sun. The village of Miladini marks the 6th kilometre from the route starting point. Turn left at the fork in the road at Mila­dini, as the right hand road leads downhill to Dolanski Jarak. Upon entering Mila­dini, the short uphill section will be over and you can view the traditional homes. On this part of the route, the right hand-side of the road opens to show a breathtaking vista of Plešivica and the vineyard filled hills. After a 1 km ride from Miladini, you will arrive at Srednjak to point  3    . In the village of Belčići, turn right at point 4     . In Draga Svetojanska, 10 km from the starting point, is the Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity, and you have reac­hed point  5   . Here pay attention to the possibility of turning off onto route b through Draga Svetojanska, along the ruins of the old fortress of Turanj left on the hill along the road, to Jarušje or along the village Grabarak to Japetić (870 m). Turning off onto route b also offers the possibility of connecting these two routes with the routes through the Žum­­berak – Samoborsko gorje Nature Park. After a short climb (400 m), you will enter into Gorica Svetojanska 6    . The village is better known as Sveta Jana, as the patron saint of the parish is St. Anne. The church of the same name is situated in the centre of the vil­lage, which also has a fire station, shops and taverns, and the village is particularly fes­tive on the day of St. Anne on 26 July. As you pass along the elementary school, stop and take a look at the ethnography collection of the Sveta Jana region, on display in the school building. At the fork in the road for Malunje, turn left and head uphill, fol­lo­wing the signs for Šumski dvor. After 200 m, there is another intersection at point 7    . The Šumski dvor restaurant, in the grounds of the Erdödy family estate, is an excellent place for rest and refreshment, and is also a viewing point with splendid views of the entire region. In Ivančići Gornji, there are two wells with drinking water which date back to the early 20th century. Continue riding on towards Prodin Dol. 12.2 km from the starting point, you will arrive at point 8   . The route continues with a steep climb 300 m in length. What comes up must also come down! After the climb is a downhill section, this time to Kupeć Dol. After Kupeć Dol, you will pass by the water spring and the chapel next to it, and after 100 m, you will come upon a t intersection. At the intersection, con­ti­nue straight. To the right are two gravel roads, one of which leads to Klet Jana about 800 m away. The route continues along demanding terrain, with a well established rhythm of climbs and descents, so be prepared to go up and down some more. 200 m from the final intersection on the uphill section is a y intersection, stay to the left and continue riding towards the village of Baliji. At Baliji is a y intersection with a chapel. Head to the right and continue downhill. 9   200 m from the curve is another right curve which ends on a bridge. Next to the bridge at the t intersection, the route continues left in the direction of Vranov Dol. In the centre of the village, head right at the y intersection, and begin the steep climb which is 300 m in length. The route continues on towards the cen­tre of Prilipje, where there is a shop. From Prilipje, head straight on towards Plešivica, 16.6 km from the starting point. 10 In the centre of Plešivica are a chapel and firehouse, and the road signs will lead you, at your liking, to one of the wineries along the wine road. Several hundred metres along the road towards Samobor is the Ivančići restaurant, a perfect place to rest and recharge, and also is a fantastic viewing point. Above the res­taurant is the Church of St. George, and the restaurant terrace offers a lovely view of the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier and its graveyard. Turning off onto route c , 7,5 km long.If you continue straight across the main road, you will take a downhill ride along the family wineries: Jagunić, Lacković, Korak and Režek. From the paved road at the inter­section with the crucifix turn right onto a macadam (gravel) road. Ride along the gravel road until you reach another crucifix where you continue left onto a field trail. Turn left, and then downhill all the way until you exit the bush and get on a meadow. The trail is overgrown with vegetation, therefore we recommend it only to adventurers! Over the meadow the trail takes you to a paved road in the village of Lokošin Dol, turn left and rightaway you are next to the world famous Moto cross track at Mladina. To your left handside you will be delighted with a view over interminable Mladina wine­yard. Continue straiht on a paved road towards Gornji Desinec (see the segment of the map no. 5). After a bridge on the paved road turn right off the road onto a meadow and over a wooden bridge on a field trail all the way to a paved road in Breznik Plešivički. Turn right and continue uphill on a combi­nation of paved and gravel road towards Pavlovčani (Gornji) to the intersection with the blue route from Prilipje and Plešivica. 300 m from the intersection at Ple­ši­vica, when you turn downhill towards Mlečenica, you will arrive at two serpentines which require special attention and that you adjust your speed to the road conditions. The road continues along the ridge of the hills, and offers spectacular views of the sur­roun­ding areas. At 19.1 km from the starting point, you will arrive at point 11  . The turn­off is easy to recognize due to the abundant hiking trail markers, and from this point on the route, you will also begin to follow the hiking markers. 500 m from the turnoff is a y intersection, take the right road and following the trail markers. A gravel road begins after 100 m, and you will soon reach a y intersection where you will take the left road fol­lowing the trail markers. Pass by the world renowned moto cross trail at Mladina. 21.6 km from the starting point, you will arrive at a y intersection where the gravel ends and paved road begins. Take the right road towards Jastrebarsko, through the village of Pavlovčani, while the left road heads towards Breznik Plešivički. 200 m further, you will reach yet another y intersection, and you will see a triangle of green area with a pine 12   . Continue along to the y intersection which is followed by a short climb. At this inter­section, take the left paved road towards Jastrebarsko. At the t intersection is point    13  . Continue on and you will shortly arrive at point    14   . You have now entered Jas­trebarsko, ride on through the town centre, pass by the left side of the parish Church of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of the town. On the right side is a sign and turnoff for Sveta Jana, continue on straight and you will soon arrive at point 15 and the route starting point.

 Cultural and historical points of interest along the route:

  • Jastrebarsko Museum and Gallery – info centre, Vladka Mačeka 1, tel: +385 1 6283 991. Located in the renovated old City Hall building which dates back to 1826. The Museum includes historical and ethnography collections, a collection of crafts and the gallery is home to a collection of paintings. The famous “bula” document of 12 January 1257 is also on display here. At the request of the citizens of Jastrebarsko, King Bela iv granted the Jastrebarsko Chart of Free Royal trade, which helped the citizens protect their freedom for centuries.
  • Erdödy Castle in the city park, the old castle was built by Ban Matija Gereb at the end of the 15th century, and from the early 16th century until 1922, the castle belonged to Erdödy family. The plaque at the left of the entrance was added by Ban Toma Erdödy in 1592.
  • Church of St. Nicholas, Jastrebarsko, town centre, tel: +385 1 6281 756 – mentioned as far back as the 13th century. 1722 was recorded as the year of construction of the new church, consecrated in 1786. The tombstone of Petar Erdödy is within the church. In 1913, the main stone altar of St. Nicholas was created according to the sketches of architect Hermana Bollé. The church is idyllically situated on a small hill in the very centre of the town.
  • Cistercian monastery and the Church of St. Mary, Jastrebarsko, Tome Bakača 53, tel: +385 1 6282 110 – the monastery was founded by the Erdödy nobles in the 16th century as a Dominican order. The original structure was built in the Gothic-Renaissance style. In 1600, the monastery was taken over by the Franciscans and significant adap­tations were made during the 18th century. In the 1980s, the monastery was taken over by the Cistercian order. The convent and its church belong to the group of the most valuable historical and artistic values of this region and beyond. The valuable Baroque inventory, the marble main altar from 1733 is the only one of its kind in the region, the Chapel of the Mother of God of Škapular from 1734 and the valuable convent library with its incunabulas.
  • Ethnography collection of the Sveta Jana region in the Regional elementary school, Gorica Svetojanska 13, tel: +385 1 6287 174 to book a visit.
  • Church of St. Anne, Gorica Svetojanska – mentioned first in the 17th century, while the new church dates back to the second half of the 18th and early 19th century.
  • Old city of Turanj, Draga Svetojanska – situated on a small hill, 220 m above the village Draga in the canyon where the Draga creek ows. This city has great cultural and historical value as a part of the history of the old Podgorska County, as this fortified city was its seat from the 12th to the 14th century. The origin of the names of Turan (Turen, Turanj) has been studied since 1543, and could be directly connected with the stone tower – toranj, of cylindrical shape, in the dialect called a turen.
  • Church of St. George, Plešivica, first mention on the parish list in 1334. The new church was built and completed in the 17th and 18th centuries, and it received its current appearance in the mid 18th century.
  • Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, Plešivica – dates back to the 17th century, as a small wooden chapel, while the brick chapel was built in 1680. The greatest value of the church inventory are the three Baroque altars. The chapel is a pearl of Baroque architecture of the Jaska region, both as an architectural structure and due to the works of art contained within.

Accomodation and hospitality facilities:

  • Hotel Jaska, Dr. Franje Tuđmana 51, Jas­trebarsko, tel. +385 1 6281 044
  • Šumski dvor restaurant, accomodation, Ivančići bb, Gorica Svetojanska, tel. +385 1 6271 165, +385 98 246 293
  • Private accomodation Krešimir Režek, wine production & household, Plešivica 39, Jastrebarsko, tel. +385 1 6294 836, +385 91 5646 240
  • Pastuh pub, Dr. F. Tuđmana 31, Jastrebarsko, tel. +385 1 6283 642,
  • Restaurant Ivančić, Plešivica 45, Jastrebarsko, tel. +385 1 6293 128, 6293 303
  • Klet Jana, Prodin Dol bb, Gorica Svetojanska, tel. +385 1 6287 372,
  • Wineries are marked with casks (barrels) and the name of the winemaker and winery along the Plešivica wine road. Perfect for a break and wine tasting, or a hot or cold meal. Reservations and telephone numbers info.:

Sport and recreation:

  • Equestrian club Equus, Petrovina 19, Jastrebarsko, tel. +385 98 94 66 598
  • Svetojanske toplice spa – Jamnica d.d., open swimming pool, Gorica Svetojanska, tel. +385 1 6294 730
  • Japetić na Žitnici Mountain hut (815 m) – Örnilovec 29, Jastrebarsko, tel. +385 1 6282 349, +385 98 452 136,, parag­liding and
  • Žumberak – Samo­borsko gorje Nature Park, Slani Dol Eco-centre, tel. +385 1 33 27 661, Info centre Medven Draga 13,
  • Moto cross track at Mladina, Jastrebarsko, Motocross club Jaska, tel. +385 1 3279 050, 6281 086, mob. +385 98 207 448

Service information:

  • Jastrebarsko Tourist Office, V. Mačeka 2, tel. +385 1 6281 115,
  • Information centre in the city Museum, V. Mačeka 1, Jastrebarsko, tel. +385 1 6283 991
  • Jastrebarsko Medical centre, Ulica kralja Tomislava 29, tel. +385 1 6281 282, 6281 504
  • Jastrebarsko Police station, Ivane Brlić Mažuranić 1, tel. +385 1 6281 033
  • Jastrebarsko train station, Nikole Tesle 18, tel. +385 1 6281 487
  • Zagrebačka banka atm and branch offices, Braće Kazić 4 i 7, Jastrebarsko
  • Bicycle service Bađek, Kolodvorska 18, Jastrebarsko, tel. +385 1 6283 043
  • INA petrol station, Dr. F. Tuđmana 123, Jastrebarsko, tel. +385 1 6284 378
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