Map 6 — Red route

Samobor – Bregana – Grdanjci – Koretići – Jelenići – Dragonoš – Šipački Breg – Smerovišće

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The route begins at the parking lot in the centre of Samobor.  1  At the exit of the park­ing lot, turn left and head towards the turn circle, then continue straight along the Health Clinic to the tra÷c light. At the tra÷c light, turn right onto Bana J. Jelačića Street. At the 4.2 km mark from the route starting point, you will pass through an intersection where you can turn left for Velika Jazbina, Otruševac and Grgosova špilja (cave) as well as the bicycle repair shop “Instruktor”. Here continue on straight. Turn left at the inter­section in Bregana  2    . Just before the international border, better known as the Bre­gana “small” border crossing, turn left on the road towards Grdanjci and Gabrovica. At the 9.7 km from the route starting point, you will be in the centre of Grdanjci at a y intersection  3  where you will turn right and continue along the road towards Gabro­vica. From the Bregana border crossing, you will ride along the border with the neigh­bouring Republic of Slovenia and the EU through the Bregana River Valley. After 13.8 km of riding, you will arrive at a y intersection 4 just before the restaurant–picnic area of the Divlje Vode Bio Park. Turn left at the intersection, while the road to the right heads uphill for Stojdraga, Budinjak, Gornja Vas and Kostanjevac all the way to Krašić and Sošice. After the intersection, you will pass by the restaurant–picnic area of the Divlje Vode Bio Park, and this is a good place for a short break, rest and refreshment. The route continues alongside the fishponds and soon onto a wide gravel trail which first winds through the meadows and then through the forests along the Bregana River towards the restaurant – picnic area of the Žumberak Eco Village and Koretići. At the 21.6 km mark from the route starting point, you will arrive at Koretići at the t intersection 5 where you will continue straight. To the right, the gravel road leads towards the Žumberak Eco Village. At this point, you may decide whether you prefer to take only a short break at the Eco Village, or whether you decide to end your ride here, and after lunch, a rest and some refreshment, to head back to Samobor along the same route. If you’re well rested and feeling good, then continue riding along the entire route. Soon after the intersection for the Eco Village, where the left turn is for the Koretići Scout and Mountaineering Centre, the climb begins towards Jelenići. At the 24 km mark is a t intersection with a small bridge. Here turn right and follow the main gravel road uphill. About 3 km after the t intersection and the small bridge, you will arrive at a second t intersection, where you will continue straight. The gravel road to the right leads to Šimraki. Continue to follow the main gravel road. At the 27.7 mark, turn left at the y intersection towards Jelenići. The road to the right of the intersection leads uphill towards Budinjak and the Nature Park Eco Centre. In the centre of Jelenići turn left at the y intersection with the crucifix 6, and follow the signs for bicycle trail no. 3 of the Nature Park. After the climb, you will leave the forested canyon of the Bregana River, and while riding towards the village of Dragonoš, enjoy the sights of the Žumberak region. Soon you will pass through the picturesque village of Golubići, and then past the Church of St. John with its graveyard. Soon after the church, on the left, is a local sign and road for one of the caves of the area. Continue along the gravel road towards the village of Pavkovići. At Pavkovići, 31.3 km from the route starting point, turn right at the y intersection and follow the signs for bicycle trail no. 3 of the Nature Park. At the 34.6 km of the route, you will arrive at a y intersection in the middle of the woods  7    . Here continue straight uphill and follow the signs for bicycle trail no. 3a of the Nature Park. The gravel road (bicycle trail no. 3b) to the right heads downhill towards Draga and Gorica Svetojanska. Here it is possible to hook up to bicycle map no. 5 of the Zagreb County Tourist Association. Continue the climb through the beautiful and dense forest. In the summer, this ride through the forest shade is a real pleasure. At the 36.7 km mark, you will arrive at a large y intersection, here turn right for Dragonoš, while the gravel road to the left leads for Jarušje. You will soon arrive at Dragonoš. Dragonoš is a well known mountaineering crossroads from Japetić towards Sveta Gera or Noršić Selo, as well as towards Slani Dol, the Cerinski Vir waterfall and Smerovišće. Dragonoš is also a popular motive for many photographers who love the Samobor Mountains, due to its lovely position on the hill and its Church of St. Anthony. In the centre of the village, turn left near the well in the direction of Šipački Breg and follow the signs for bicycle trail no. 3 of the Nature Park. From Dragonoš, fantastic views stretch out over Sveta Gera and the Žumberak plateaus with their scattered villages. In clear weather, the view also stretches towards the southeast all the way to the town of Ogulin and Klek – the cli≈ well known as an alpine and mountaineering area. Just before entering into Šipački Breg (40.3 km mark), the gravel road ends and pavement begins. Here, the steep descents begin and caution is required, particularly at the 43.4 km mark from the starting point 8 where you will come across a series of sharp turns on a very steep descent. Caution is required; adjust your riding speed to the road conditions. One of the local, poorly marked turno≈s to the right on the descent will take you, if you wish, to the Cerinski vir waterfall only 15 minutes away, situated on a marked hiking trail. After the 44.6 km mark from the route starting point, you will enter into Smerovišće, with its well known restaurant and picnic area Dumić, a suitable spot for rest and refreshment. At Smerovišće, the steep sections of the route are finished, and the route heads back towards Samobor. At the 49 km mark, you will arrive at a y intersection with a bridge  9 , here continue straight. The uphill road to the left, turn o≈ d from the route, heads for the Slani Dol Eco Centre of the Žumberak – Samobor Mountains Nature Park. You will soon enter into Samobor. At the tra÷c light, at the intersection of Ferdo Livadić, Starogradska and Obrtnička Streets, turn right into the centre towards the main town square next to the Samobor Museum, Hotel Lavica and Hotel Livadić. Don’t head home without treating yourself; this completed ride deserves to be rewarded with the famous Samobor kremšnita (custard slice). Take home some of the well known Samobor gastro­nomy souvenirs: bermet (an aperitif made of red wine and herbs), mustard and Samobor salami, or try them in one of the charming local inns. From the centre, continue along Mirka Kleščića Street along the Gradna River to the parking lot on Matice Hrvatske Square. Come see us again soon!

 Cultural-historical and ethnology points of interest:

  • Samobor Museum, Livadićeva 7, tel. +385 1 3361 014, founded in 1948, has a naturalist-geological, archeological, ethnographic, cultural and historical collection. Take a look at the Mirko Kleščić velociped from 1877, then president of the Samobor Bicycle Association, which its owner drove to Trieste in 1887.
  • Marton Museum, Jurjevska 7, tel. +385 1 3364 160, 3326 426,, the first private museum in Croatia, collection of paintings, porcelain, glass and silver objects, furniture and other objects of art from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • ”Gallery Prica” in the Pučko otvoreno učilište Samobor (Samobor Open University),the paintings of the artist Zlatko Prica, tel. +385 1 3360 112, 3360 267,
  • Baroque complex of the Franciscan monastery and the Church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Samobor dating back to 1712 to 1731, with a valuable inventory from the time. Of special value in the church interior is the magnificent illusionist fresca “Assumption of Mary” (Uznesenje Marijino) from 1752, the work of F. Jelovšek. Address: Langova 18, tel. +385 1 3360 810.
  • The parish Church of St. Anastasia, Samobor, first mentioned in 1334.
  • Chapel of St. Anthony, Dragonoš, built in the 18th century, the altar of St. Anthony and the pulpit are from the early 20th century.
  • Cerinski Vir waterfall, Javorački potok (creek), Donja Cerina
  • Eco Centre of the Žumberak – Samobor Mountains Nature Park, Slani Dol, view the permanent exhibit with scenes of the biological and geological features of the Samobor and Žumberak mountains.

Accommodation, hospitality facilities, sport and recreation:

  • Hotel Livadić, Trg kralja Tomislava 1, Samobor, tel: +385 1 3365 850, 3365 851,
  • Hotel Lavica, Livadićeva 5, Samobor, tel: +385 1 3324 946,
  • Pansion Golubić, Obrtnička 12, Samobor, tel: +385 1 3360 937
  • Hotel Samoborski slapovi, Hamor 16, 10430 Samobor, tel: +385 1 3384 061, 3384 063, 3384 059
  • Garni Hotel Samobor, Ul. Josipa Jelačića 30, Samobor, tel: +385 1 3366 970,
  • Divlje vode Bio Park, Stojdraga 2, 10432 Bregana, accommodation, tel: +385 1 3387 623, 3376 082,
  • Žumberak Eco Village restaurant and picnic area, Kravljak 13, Koretići, 10456 Kalje, accommodation, tel: +385 1 3387 472, 3387 473,
  • Scout and Mountaineering Centre Koretići, accomodation, tel: +385 98 310 808, 98 583 891
  • Bernard Inn – Mountain Hut, Veliki Lovnik near the village of Dragonoš, accomodation, tel: +385 98 9388 607, +385 91 5628 059,
  • Dumić Restaurant and picnic area, Smerovišće 26, 10430 Samobor, tel: +385 1 3384 025

Service information:

  • Samobor Tourist O÷ce, Trg kralja Tomislava 5, tel: +385 1 3360 044, 3360 050
  • Eco Centre Žumberak – Samobor Mountains Nature Park, Slani Dol 1, 10430 Samobor, tel/fax: +385 1 3327 660, 3327 661,
  • Nature Park Žumberak – Samobor Mountains Ranger station Grdanjci, Grdanjci 57, 10432 Bregana, tel: +385 1 3324 514, 3323 848
  • Samobor Police Station, Trg kralja Tomislava 6, tel: +385 1 3361 555
  • Bregana Border Police, Samoborska 12, tel: +385 1 3375 305
  • Samobor Health Clinic, Gajeva 37, tel: +385 1 3330 708, 3330 700
  • Bicycle repair shop, Tomislav Bošnjak, shop & repair: Lj. Gaja 36, Samobor, tel: +385 1 3323 491, +385 98 177 0257,, repair: Velika Jazbina 43, Bregana
  • atm Machines – Zagrebačka Banka in Samobor: Langova 9, Šmidhenova 1,
  • Beber – Svetonedeljska 13
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