Map 7 — Brown route

Vukovina – Rakitovec – Buševec – Ključić Brdo – Lukavec

Preuzmite kartu

The route begins in Vukovina 1  . In the centre is the parish Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and across the street from the Church is the Mercator shopping centre, a bistro and the post office. Take care when crossing the state road Velika Gorica – Sisak. The route continues on the road north of the Church towards the village of Kuče. Pass by the football field on the right hand side of the street. 2 km later, you will enter the village of Kuče with its well preserved wooden architecture of Turo­polje. Near the Chapel of St. Fabian and Sebastian, which dominates with its simple beau­ty, continue right on the street through the village alongside the store and bistro on the left hand side of the street. Pass over the bridge and continue along Braće Radić Street. Approach the channel bank. After 3.6 km, 2 pass over the wooden bridge over the Sava – Odra Channel. The Wooden bridge is a favourite gathering place for local fishermen. A common and very pleasant site are the fishermen in action or resting on the channel banks. Some 300 m from the bridge, at the following y intersection, turn left towards Rakitovec following the signs. At 5.4 km mark, pass by the Chapel consecrated to Saints Peter and Paul, constructed at the beginning of the 20th century in Rakitovec. Rakitovec is a pleasant place rich in homes of the traditional architecture of Turopolje with many engravings and many entrances covered in brajde (trellises) of grapevines. The name of the settlement came attained from the rakite (willows) and it was first men­tioned in the first half of the 14th century. Continue riding near the monument for the veterans of wwii and the statue of St. Florian, the patron saint of fire fighters. After 6.5 km, enter right along Turopoljska Street into the village of Turopolje. Turopolje expe­ri­enced its development at the beginning of the 20th century when intensive for­estry began; the wood industry factories still exist here. The village is dominated by typical residential homes for workers. Continue straight through towards the train tracks 3  ; you must pay special attention before crossing because there is no signa­li­zation. Continue along the completely straight road for approximately 3 km from Turo­polje to Buševec. After 9.4 km, 4 you will approach the intersection between the main road and the busy Sisačka Road; attention before crossing the road. At the intersection, there is the Polet bistro and store. Continue straight onto Vinogradska Street. On the left hand side is the wooden Chapel of St. John the Baptist. Buševec is also well known for its čardaci (wooden one story houses) and other wooden constructions, also string instruments made of wood. For many years, one of the most visited local plays “Turo­polj­ska svadba” (Turopolje Wedding) has been held here, based on the screenplay by Josip Kovačević from Buševec. At the 11.2 km mark, the road runs through the Novi gaj forest and slightly climbs towards Podvornica. In the Petkovići village at the 13.6 km mark, turn right 5 at the intersection which runs towards Velika Buna. If you continue straight at the intersection, taking turnoff c you can reach the Krušak Forestry Lodge, Forest Management Zagreb – Forestry Velika Gorica. At the 15.1 km mark, in the village of Udžberi, turn left and follow the paved road and turn left after 600 m at the y intersection with the crucifix. After 16.8 km and a pleasant descent, you will arrive at the intersection with the main road Velika Gorica – Kravarsko. Turn right here. Careful, busy road! You only need to ride on the busy road for 800 m, and then turn left 6 and follow the signs towards Ključić Brdo and the rest stop-restaurant of the same name. You will pass by the Grđan fish farm, which can be reached by the gravel road to the right. After a short climb, you will reach the top of the hill with many weekend homes on both sides of the road and a beautiful view of the surrounding hills. Enter Ključić Brdo 18.7 km from the starting point. At the y intersection is the crossing point with the green route on Map 8. Here at the crucifix, turn right at the excursion area-restaurant Ključić Brdo where rest and relaxation are welcome. The excursion area offers the pos­sibil­ity of recreation and the chance to “hang out” with animals in the small zoo; the sur­roundings are green, spacious and very pleasant. 200 m from the excursion area continue along the road, and you will reach the first gravel road on the route. There is one steep ascent on the gravel road, and then you will ride along the ridge of the hill past vineyards with a divine view of the surroundings. At the 21.6 km mark, you will approach the y intersection with the crucifix; turn right on Rasteg Street where the gravel road ends. After 50 m, there is another y intersection with the main road 7 where you turn right downhill towards Šiljakovina. Caution, because the intersection has poor visibility! If you take turnoff of the route d to the left onto the road to Kozjača, you will reach the most beautiful viewpoint of Vukomeričke gorice area. (Short descrip­tion: take the paved road to Kozjača. At the chapel of St. Michael turn right onto the gra­vel road. When you come to the pink weekend house to your left, continue some 100 m further and take a steep paved turnoff to the right off the gravel road to get to the viewpoint 320 m, see map 8, green route). Ride down the main road which descends slightly, then climbs to the intersection 8 where you will turn left onto Ivan Šaban Street. Enter Šiljakovina. On the right hand side of the road is a school and cemetery, and on the left hand side is the Chapel of St. Peter and Paul constructed at the end of the 19th century. At the 24.8 km mark from the starting point, turn right at the y inter­section with the crucifix and only 100 m further at the y intersection, turn right downhill; you will cross over a small bridge on the road in Lučani. The road heads left and follow the paved road. After 200 m the gravel road begins 9 and on the right hand side you see the football field. Continue to follow the wide gravel road, pass near the house with the fish pond on the right hand side. Be careful on the gravel descent! At the y intersection, continue to go straight, specifically on the right road. At the t intersection, 27.1 km from the starting point, the wide gravel road leads left; our route continues straight on the smaller gravel road. Only 300 m further at the y intersection, turn right under the main power line.In front of you, you will see the 3.5 km long, straight gravel road through Šilja­kovačka Dubrava. You will experience the peace, sound and scent of the beautiful forests that surround you. At 29.6 km, on the left hand side of the gravel road, you will pass by the Fazan hunting lodge from Donja Lomnica; ride straight until point     10 . After 30.8 km, at the t intersection, turn left; immediately after the turn there will be a forest ramp, continue 800 km straight along the gravel road to the following intersection in the forest. At point 11 turn right towards Lukavec and continue through the forest. You will pass by several wooden hunting points on the left hand side. 33 km from the starting point, there is another ramp on the gravel road, and on the left hand side there is the Lukavec nursery-garden. Only 400 m further, the gravel road ends; continue along the paved road next to the nursery. We arrive at the intersection where our route turns left, and after 200 m at the intersection with the crucifix near point   12 , turn right onto the bridge over Lipnica creek and head straight along the road to the Lukavec Old Town. The restored Old Town of Lukavec is surrounded by the remains of defence channels and is a great place to take a break. Some 700 m from here, you once again cross over the Sava – Odra Channel and enter Donja Lomnica. At the 36.3 km mark from the starting point, there is a double turn at the intersection; first turn right, then left onto the main road in the direction of the parish Church tower. At point 13 on the t inter­section near the Church of the Epiphany in Donja Lomnica, turn right and continue on Stepinska Street. At the intersection with the Chapel to the Mother of God of Lourdes, turn right, pass by the volunteer fire department and on the left hand side you will see the football field.

Across the street from the field, at the y intersection, if you turn right behind the bushes, you will see the wooden Modić – Bedeković manor constructed in 1806. Under the large, old linden tree, still in good condition today, you will see one of the rare examples of a preserved wooden manors of the Turopolje nobility. Return to the street next to the football field and continue left until you approach the intersection with the main road towards Gradići, where you turn right. At 38.3 km from the starting point you will enter Gradići. Ride straight along Vladimir Nazor Street. Continue down Kralj Tomislav Street. At the intersection with the crucifix, continue straight towards the train tracks. Careful, at 39.7 km mark, cross the train tracks. Immediately afterwards turn right on the road that runs alongside the tracks towards Kurilovec. On the left hand side is the K Miki cafe and the train station. Do not forget that these were the first train tracks con­structed in Croatia, dating back to 1862. At the next y intersection, turn right and follow the main road. At the 41.3 km mark at point    14 , there is an intersection with the road Velika Gorica – Mala Buna. To the left is a chapel with an interesting appearance. Be careful while crossing the busy road; continue straight along Josipovićeva Street through Kurilovec. 100 m further there is a chapel of the Holy Cross with benches, a meeting place for the prayer of local women. At the y intersection next to the chapel, turn right towards Vukovina. At 42.4 km mark, the gravel road towards Vukovina begins. In the distance, directly in front of you, you will see the tower of the parish Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Vukovina. After the gravel road, along the road on the field, you will ride for approximately 2.5 km to the next paved road. This road would be more pleasant and beautiful if every once in a while you did not come across an illegal dumping sites that, unfortunately, diminish the impression of the fields and nature that surrounds you. At 45 km from the starting point, you enter Vukovina where the paved road begins. 300 m further at the y intersection, near the large and beautifully decorated greenery, turn left on the road next to the yard of a house, and after 100 m turn left again. You pass by the wooden Alapić manor from the second half of the 18th century. The estate in Vukovina was purchased back in 1496 by a representative of the Hungarian family of Baltazar Alapić. Today, the sculptor Mladen Mikulin holds his atelier in a part of the manor. His works decorate the large courtyard and the park in front of the manor. 300 m further you turn right over the orange bridge and pass by the Mercator store; you arrive once again in the centre of Vukovina where this colourful and interesting route through the Turopolje forest groves ends.

Cultural-historical, ethnological and natural points of interest:

  • Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Vukovina – Today it is a single nave late Baroque-Classicist construction with a dome containing lanterns over the nave; the bell tower has been added. The Church has many votive gifts from people that the Mother of God of Vukovina has helped. The largest feast days are: 15 August on the Assumption of Mary; 31 May on the Pilgrimage of the Blessed Virgin Mary and 8 Sep­tem­ber on the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. The Church’s exterior was carefully reno­vated in 1988, and now truly dominates over the area with its greatness and beauty. The interior of the Church grabs your attention with the stained glass windows and frescoes, as well as the organ from 1904, work of the artisan Josip Brandl from Maribor. Parish Office Vukovina, J. Habdelića 14, Staro Öiče, tel. +385 1 6230 300.
  • Chapel of St. Fabian and Sebastian, Kuče – the votive Chapel was apparently erected in honour of the Saints for protection from the plague. This beautiful historicist construction from the beginning of the 19th century is large, with the main altar from 1697 preserved from the old Chapel, and a picture of the saints pressed on skin, which is rare. On the side of the altar are statues of St. Catherine and St. Barbara, and over them are the Holy Spirit and angel holding a palm leaf and wreath – signs of martyrdom. Parish Office Vukovina, tel. +385 1 6230 300.
  • Wooden Chapel of St. John the Baptist, Buševec – constructed in the second half of the 17th century, it was firstly dedicated to the Holy Apostle, and then to St. Paul the Baptist, based on the main statue on the altar from 1696. The altar is decorated with rich Baroque carvings of the leaves of acanthus. The interior of the Chapel is especially valuable with its rustic paintings which have been preserved on the vault and walls. The vault is painted with scenes from the Separation of the Apostles. There are paintings on the walls of the Chapel of the Evangelists – St. Matthew and St. John on the northern, and St. Mark and St. Luke on the southern wall. It is important to note that this artwork falls into the category of very rare maintained true national art, which differs from that in the wooden Church of St. Barbara in Velika Mlaka. This Chapel was an inspiration for a series of wooden chapels in Turopolje and Pokuplje in the post-Baroque period. Key to the Chapel by announcement: Katica Detelić, Dolenec 23, Buševec, tel. +385 1 6255 822.
  • Lukavec Old Town – Constructed between 1474 and 1479 for defence from the Turks as a medieval wooden city. The walled city was erected in the 18th century. Over the entrance of the Baroque portal, there is a coat of arms of the Noble Turopolje Municipality. The Old Town exterior has been completely renovated, and the interior and courtyard are currently under renovation. Each year on the feast day of St. George (23 April), it is worth coming here to see the beautiful traditional manifestation and the large bonfire.
  • Church of the Epiphany, Donja Lomnica – constructed in 1862 at the location of the old wooden Chapel from the 17th century and the newer walled Chapel from 1778. Parish Office Donja Lomnica, tel. +385 1 6234 023.
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